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February 16, 2011


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freckled hen

Any holiday you can celebrate by making a cherry tree out of gum drops and displaying beautiful cherry themed linens should be of upmost priority.
Love those canisters!


I recall one year having one of those huge teacher calendars on the bulletin board and marking each day off with a brown construction paper ax for the month of February. We must have been a naughty class! :)


Oh my gosh, you made me laugh with this: "...wondering how a life that began with so much promise ended up with making odd crafts out of candy..." It's truly amazing how we end up spending our days, but I totally enjoyed your efforts so it's all worthwhile!

I have a cherry-patterned valance in my kitchen that I've had for years and still adore. Also cherry-patterned ceramic crocks for my utensils, courtesy of Target clearance ages ago. Those cherry towels and tins of yours are to die for!


Well, as a matter of fact, I have been thinking about President's Day and cherries. I made heart shaped cherry pies recently, to practice up on making little hand sized pies, and I found George and Martha silhoettes to cut.

I love all your cherry things. It is a favorite motif of mine too.

Wouldn't those gumdrop cherries look pretty on a cake frosted with fluffy white frosting?

You know, I think little silly things made to delight people can be fun from time to time. I can just imagine the smiles on the faces of little children at the sight of these.

LiLi M.

Mmm I can see one of the down sides of monarchy reading your post.


This post brought back memories of a Project Management seminar I attended a while back. They had a break out session where each team had to build a high rise from gum drops and spaghetti noodles. As the day worn on each one slowly leaned over and finally collapsed. The moral? Go ahead and eat the gum drops because they are a less than stable building material.
Love your cherry gum drop decorations, though!!

Mary Ellen

My daughter had to do a report on a figure in history when she was in middle school. She chose Lizzie Borden. The costume she came up with was something to see!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've never wanted to eat a tree until now! And only someone with a truly artistic mind would think to add highlights to her gumdrop cherries. You are awesome, Barbara!


Cherries! My little neighborhood store always decorated for Washington's birthday. We had candy cherries and photos of presidents decorating the window. You've brought back good memories. As always.


Those are so cute. I will have to try that. Thanks for sharing.


Another cherry-lover here...my car is even named the Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. I can now serve the appropriate educational snack as we go down the road! :)

laurie mapgie ethel

Glad you got the crafting going with the gumdrops...you truly have put me in the holiday mood for Monday...unfortunately no bins of decorations to pull out for this one...altho I believe I can muster a spun head for Lincoln and one for Mr. Washington. Great post!

black eyed susans kitchen

Yup, cherries...the next big holiday symbol coming before the shamrocks and the bunnies and eggs. If my kids were still little, I would have made these trees for them! I love that you are in the spirit...now I need to get there.


I love cherries, esp. vintage cherries anything. The gumdrops are too cute...that would be neat on a cake.


All that cherry stuff is so adorable. The kids at work are making paper cherry trees this week with crumpled pink tissue paper.

Into Vintage

In an odd coincidence, my dream job is to be assigned to create a craft book for projects made entirely from candy! Or better yet (although trickier), ice cream! I'd like to imagine the gumdrop craft book author felt the same way.

And thank you for the cherry-lovin' shout out.


Wow my favorite fruit! I really love cherries! These is so amazing post. Thanks for sharing!

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