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February 09, 2011


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I'd hang on the the trays and bring them back to the case in a few months. By then they'll look fresh again.

That's a good looking fox - hopefully it's a Mrs. and there will be kits in the spring - that would make for some great photos if you can get close.


I find your shop talk fascinating and love the pictures of your booth. I imagine if I happened upon it I would love it!
Thanks for your comment yesterday-Boston is a good thing! The very best!
Be careful of that fox...didn't you ever read Jemima Puddle Duck?

laurie magpie ethel

Always like hearing the bottom line..you are amongst friends! Pretty good for doing a booth of leftovers - and onto a new and dazzling space.


Thanks for talking shop. Nice to hear about the details. I am one of those shoppers that likes the lower dollar items. It makes it easier to change them out if I need to. I haven't spent a ton on them. Now if you wouldn't mind turning on the heat and starting up the estate sales that would be great! Renee


I agree with everyone above. I like hearing the shop talk. As a fellow dealer, I'm always wondering how others are doing. Hell, I posted about my crap month (without dollar figures, because my rent is super-high). I wouldn't mind doing it with percentages though. Hmmmm.

Anyway, as a January clearance event, your strategy makes a lot of sense! With a whole room, it would be far too much trouble for me to do it, but I could see an area. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It sounds to me like you did extremely well! I keep seeing the same things over and over at booths. I don't know how these people can afford the rent for their space. It looks like you have things priced to sell, and also that you have reeeally great stuff. It's a pretty safe bet that if I was able to shop your case, you'd be refilling it constantly!

Linda @ A La Carte

Wonderful way to clean out some 'stuff'. I think this time of year and low prices lure those shoppers who are looking for a bargain!


LOVED the shop talk! One of my goals in the next 1-2 years is to get a spot in one of the local antique malls but I know absolutely zero about it. Not even a clue what the rent would be. This was really interesting and I thank you for sharing!

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

I quite like the shop talk!! I live vicariously through you and the other people brave enough to have a booth. I'd love to have one for myself but I'm scared! Congrats on having a profitable month with the 'junk'.

I hope you're about to get more pictures of Mr/Mrs Fox. Sooo cute!


Love reading your blog. One of the first blogs I check every morning
I have made purchases from your Etsy shop in the past.
Just wondering about you bringing things back and listing them there instead of taking them to the thrift shop. I know nothing about Etsy so I don't know what goes into it. Just wondering if the things you took to the thrift store weren't things you would post there or what.
Thanks pam


It's really nice when the finacial stuff works out isn't it? I like the tray and clear glasses with flowers (the tray looks like it's in great shape, I'm surprised too they wouldn't sell quickly). I haven't seen very many foxes in my life, so neat to have one as a neighbor!


Wow! Thanks for sharing the information! You did well, for things you were expecting to take to the thrift. Especially with the "January Effect" when people aren't known for shopping for "non-essentials". (Although many of us could debate that application of the word "non-essential" to vintage goods.) There must have been a lot of hubbies that missed the mark, so to speak, with the gift giving last Christmas. :) I've always wondered just how well a person does in a collective shop like that. But the work that goes into it! Oy!

I can't believe the adorable circus mug went without purchase...i know a little clown who would love her hot cocoa in that. If no one has beaten me to it, if you'd like, i'd purchase it from you through Etsy or ...?

More successful wishes to you in your little corner of the shop!


Oh thanks for sharing about your antique case. I hope to rent my own this year, so I love your info. On another note, wouldn't those trays be good in your Etsy shop? And for such a great price, and that Valentine color scheme, hard to imagine them not selling.


Thank you for sharing! I <3 shopping thrift stores and antique malls and it's very interesting hearing the "back" end of the business.
I can't believe those vintage glasses didn't sell! I would have snapped them up in a heartbeat! I'm currently restocking our cupboard with vintage glasses in all sizes and patterns. My girls and I love them and even my husband will reach for the vintage 1st over the cheap "new" stuff. Hence, I'm always looking for more but at reasonable prices ($10-$15 a glass NOT being reasonable! ;) )

Curtains In My tree

I really like the pastel blues. I am now into pinks.

It's nice to read about other girls who just have to get rid of odds and ends. They are good things just don't want them any longer.
I am hoping to have a tag sale and clean out 2 rooms full of boxed vintage items(storage rooms)


ps will have to wait till all our snow is gone

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