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February 14, 2011


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I hope the birds aren't peeking in the window as I'm reading this or they will be green with envy. I thought I was being nice to fill them up with black sunflower seeds and thistle yesterday. I do have some of those vintage Jell-O molds, so maybe I'll have to give this a try.
Your photos are great.


This is such a "tweet" idea, Barbara. I think there is just something about the shape of a heart that brings a smile to most any day. I'm so glad you've shared the recipe.

I mold butter in these, but now I'll be using a few for making the birds happy too.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Such a sweet idea, to share with such beautiful creatures for Valentine's Day. I'm gonna try that for our neighborhood birdies. Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa W.

Giving the birds a Valentine's Day gift is the best idea yet ! Good for you for being creative and kind.


You made the chickadees happy! Those hearts are beyond cute!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Wow, those are really great shots! I'd love to make these treats, but only microwaveable bacon is allowed in this house!

Mary Kay Andrews

So, not that I don't love birds and all--but I've got those little jello molds, and have been wanting to find some cool recipe to make in them--you know, besides jello. Anybody got any ideas?--Yes, I also have Christmas tree molds too, which I have used for pistachio ice cream...

Mitzi Curi

I'm such a bird lover, but I'm reluctant to set out a feeder in my yard because of the overabundance of squirrels and a couple feral cats that would probably try to snatch the birdies. Anyway, your little hearts are adorable and I'm sure you are very popular in your neighborhood if you ask your feathered neighbors!

Kim G.

love those sweet birdy prints in the snow!

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Aww those are so cute! Thanks for providing a recipe too so we can all make our own bird treats!

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