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February 11, 2011


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Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Eeek! How exciting to have two of them living so near! And they look huge. I guess I've never really seen them up close & in person (unless on the side of a highway in which they've met their unfortunate fate counts). I need to google more info on foxes.

And good for you for being so productive w/ Ebay & Etsy. I wish I could say the same but I guess there's always next week, right? I do intend on being more productive next week. That gives me the whole weekend to procrastinate!


Hooray! Nothing cuter than baby animals - and I'd imagine that fox kits are extra, extra cute.

I'd have bought the bobbins too - there's something nice about a collection already made, and the old-timey-ness of the wood and the lovely patina are good draws.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I just saw this lovely Valentine made out of old spools...



Oh my goodness! How adorable!! They'd make a sweet Valentine greeting. To add to your feelings of Britishness, you could name your foxes Sir Robin and Maiden Marian!! :)

Mary Ellen

If you were truly British, those foxes would inspire you to give chase. Sidesaddle.


Oh love the idea of the peg rack! Very much! The table is charming!

The foxes are so pretty, and I imagine babies will be charming. Boy, I'd have to keep Miss Luna inside, all the time, if I lived near you.

Lisa W.

A fox family !! Good for you !! You are in for a treat .... just wait till you see those kits ... they are sooo cute and such fun to watch. Have fun !!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

What a great picture of the foxy couple!



I guess foxes are better than the coyotes we keep seeing around CNY.

Into Vintage

Are you working for National Geographic these days? That last photo is incredible!


We had a Fox Family a couple of years back - they took up residance at the Nursery next door. It was quite fun to see them, though G&G were not to particular about the smell of them (drove them nuts!). Looking forward to more pics...
And I LOVE your spools - I would have had hard time resisting them myself - the blocks are quite cute too (and verthy verthy British as we say here).... Me thinks warm weather and great thrifts are not far off now (yeah!).

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