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February 28, 2011


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love how things are going so far!

lucky you with the pileated woody's ~ did they all make their noise when they flew in? we had several come in every afternoon last summer while we were up at Copper Harbor in Michigan and I loved hearing them! great photo's!!


Great job! I love it - inside and out!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

oh my gosh, how did you do that? It looks amazing! And the green will look awesome with your jadeite collection. Spectacular!

Brenda Kula

Oh please hug the Hoosier for me! It's just too cute! I can't believe you got to get such a good pic of the woodpecker. I'd be in heaven!


Goodness, you really did a fantasic job on the mini-hoo! It looks smashing! Among other things i love about your remodel: your beautiful walls in "perfect green" and the fact that you didn't use the word "pop" to describe anything! thank you!! Hoping that shade of green has a dreamy name.

p.s. Your new neighbour, Woody, is enormous! what do you New Yorkers feed those things??


Oh my goodness....love it! The mini hoosier that is. Woody Woodpecker is not bad either. Great job. I would have never seen it in the peeling paint and splintered wood.

laurie magpie ethel

That mini hoosier is adorable - you really brought it back to life. Digging your vintagy green walls and your woody visitor...wish I could pop over and see it all in person!


Oh, it was SO worth the effort you put in to it! It turned out just beautiful and I love the green in the kitchen matching your jadite dishes - perfection!


Wow! I knew you were good but I am in complete awe of that mini Hoosier, especially considering that in-between shot. Can't wait for the complete reveal. And the kitchen too?

Into Vintage

You are truly a miracle worker. That little hoosier has been healed!

And I'm loving the mini teapot and coffee pot on the tiny shelf of the little hoosier.

Lisa W.

I am totally impressed ! You did a brilliant job on the mini hoosier...the green wall color is perfect and you have a pileated woodpecker to go with your fox family in the yard. Wow !


that looks fabulous!..nice to see such a rough old piece rescued and made over so nicely!

freckled hen

That first picture really scared me! That is an amazing re-do of the hoosier...and I love that color green! The woodpecker is impressive, too!


Yea yea, pretty birds. Get back to work! How can I live vicariously through your vintage decorating and successful thrifting and estate sale outings if you keep getting distracted by Mother Nature? Or are you knowingly taunting me because you suspect my backyard is populated with sparrows and squirrels only?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

The color of the walls is just dreamy, the little Hoosier looks fantastic, and for gosh sakes, be careful when you go outside because it looks like that enormous woodpecker could pick you up and carry you away!


That little cabinet is adorable!! The top looks to be in perfect condition. You did a great job!

The color green is nice. My favorite!


Wonderful transformation love the black and white contrast. So lucky for you to have a nice rare visitor like that, i like those photos.

black eyed susans kitchen

What a fantastic job you did...I am impressed! That woodpecker is amazing...really great pics!


Wow, it turned out so nice, Barbara. I didn't expect perfection, but it looks amazing.

My sister has these woodpeckers nesting in her woods, and she also has wetlands, so she is pretty limited to what she can do on her property. These birds are considered endangered here, and we only see them for a very short time each year. She and her husband saw the first one for this season a couple of days ago. We see them usually one time too, at our house in the park across the street. They like to cling to the old elm trees, but I only see them the one day, and then they are gone, for another year or two. We have the big brown woodpeckers all year long though. They have a bright red-orange underwing, that reminds me of the inside of a cape. It's an amazing sight to see those when they spread their wings, especially on a gray day, like today.

Mitzi Curi

Wow, first of all I'm impressed with your Hoosier makeover. Great job! But as a longtime bird lover, I'm even more impressed with that pileated woodpecker. They sure are classy birds! Thanks for sharing!

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