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February 25, 2011


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Mary Ellen

I am dying to know how many stitches are cast on for the hem of that pleated skirt. Presumably the needles called for in the pattern are about the size of the wire spokes of the parasol.


Beautiful pictures, I bet those clothes were way so comfortable... beats a pair of jeans! Hugs, From Diane in California


Hi, Mary Ellen - The instructions call for No. 9 needles and the skirt to be made in two sections, one with 180 stitches and the other with 177 stitches. It uses a double thread for 4 inches, then a single thread until the skirt is the correct length. The rows are knit 12/purl 9, then purl 12, knit 9 - I cant imagine how many rows it would take! The finishing instructions say to sew the sections together and leave an opening at the side for a placket. Sew top of skirt to belting, laying pleats properly. Close placket with snaps. And then you embroider the little cross stitch design on it, and thats it. If you make one, I want to see photos! Barbara

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I really enjoyed this, especially the directions for how the skirt was made.


I always wonder what busty gals did in the 1920s, because the clothes sure weren't tailored for bosoms! I just wish we could still wear stylish hats with our ensembles!


Enough about knitting! How is the painting coming?

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