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March 31, 2011


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OMG, look at all that fabulous xmas stuff you found. I'm sick with envy. I'm overdue for a good xmas score. sniff.


Those elves!!! I am dumbfounded.
And pea green with envy, as Scarlett would say.

freckled hen

Okay, hold, on, let me get my apron calculator...
You are so funny! That is an historic first sale of the season...lucky you! Lucky elves!


Love the rating very fun! Congratulations on being the one to grab that sweet little $1 Box, and wow the treasures inside very very cool and yes deserving of a very high apron rating! oxox, Diane

Jenny G.

Sales are never that crafty fun and full of good Christmas here- so jealous! Very nice haul of stuff! And I am in love with your new hat.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I lost count of the aprons at one point, but I already knew you would be going to more sales! How could you not, after a season opener like this? You definitely hit a home run today!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Oh my gosh, you are going to put me into cardiac arrest! I thought those were pink shiny brites I saw in the corner in addition to all the other cool stuff you got! Not, but still pretty awesome. Great score on the pinecone elves and the crochet. Baseball and yard sale weekend is truly my favorite time of year; now if only the temps would get the heck out of the 40s! (I guess I should be grateful we're not getting the snow that's headed this way...)

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Oh, and love the scoring system too! Definitely a 7-apron day!


I will hereby begin the hatred of you for the remainder of the garage sale season because of those yo yo's. if you tell me it's a gosh darned yo yo quilt I WILL DIE. I swear I will. Don't test me. :-)


Amazing. I want you to know that everytime I head to your blog I get the same vibe of you being such a cheerful person! I have truly valued it over the years :)

Linda @ A La Carte

This sounds like an almost perfect sale! I would have loved some of that stuff myself!

My Vintage Mending

I have Bread box envy. I don't understand this number system...at estate sales around here we have to stand in line and wait in the cold. Lovely stuff. Too cute those elves.


I'm thoroughly enjoying your enjoyment and the thrills you've given your readers today! Glad you can carry on to the next sale, but after seeing that first pic, I knew you'd make it!


Oh boy! That was a wonderful sale. I think I would have liked that lady too, just like, I like you!

acorn hollow

I do thing your gingerbread man is packing ha that is pretty funny. Love all of your great finds.
and 7 aprons is pretty good keep going.

Kim K.

I need a hankie to wipe up the drool from your estate sale. I covet your pinecone elves. They are divine!! By the way, I made an apron banner with my collection of half aprons in my craft room. You can't have enough!


What a lovely estate sale!

Marilyn Podoll

Love the apron system...Laughing still....but what is a "trug"???


Love those little pine cone elves! But I think you need to build in some more rules, like you have to have 5 back to back sales with negative aprons and then you will re-evaluate the rating system because you can't just GIVE UP! Even when the pickings are slim we all know the next one is the big score.....8+)


Fabulous finds. Lucky you!

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