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March 07, 2011


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Shabby Apple


It may not be spring on the outside, but inside the Oodles house it is fresh and lovely! Great job! Very inviting.

I'm dying to tackle my sewing room, but need to make way for 4 college students to spend spring break with us next week. I think I should start cooking now.

Into Vintage

That last photo with the splash of red is getting me all fired up to paint something. Anything. All of it. Maybe you can drop by and help out -- I sense when you're done at your place, you'll have extensive experience.

The Garage Where Cars Can't Park will have to wait it's turn. I want to paint.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Those pops of red look extremely lovely against that great shade of green on your walls! As soon as we can open the windows, I'm repainting all of our kitchen cupboards too. Some of the doors are chippy, and not in a good way. You can see the "Pumpkin Chiffon" color that they were when we moved in!

Beth Leintz

So when you get done painting your kitchen cupboards, will you tell us how you did it? I would love to paint mine, but no guts. You're going to have my dream 40's kitchen of jadite, red & white.

laurie mapgie ethel

Been wondering how this project was going. We painted out kitchen cabinets a few years ago...it is a ton of work (but well worth the effort). Your swanky swigs looks awesome all lined up like that...a small army of the swigs marching down that shelf!


I like red!
I know~the woodpecker's made you do it, right?


So much work for you I know but, but... someone once said if you know you are going to look back on this and laugh someday then you might as well start laughing now! Hang in there, you are going to be glad you did. It is looking wonderful!!


Everyday it just gets better and better. I love every detail and touch. Paint color is perfectly jadite. I can't wait to see the next post. Smiles...Renee


Feel free to come to my house when you are done to help me with my kitchen. ;) Love it all.

Mitzi Curi

I know how one can grow weary of the same paint color, so it's fun to switch. Isn't red the most ornery color to apply? We painted our dining room red years ago and must have used five coats!

Jenny Sellars

Oh...the red made my heart stop. That is my shade of red and my whole house would be that color if hubby would allow!!


As someone who paints for her supper, I can attest to the ambition required to paint cupboards, especially when you're doing it right by sanding first. OY! Doors and trim are NOT my favorite thing to do, even when I'm getting paid for it. That's the kind of job you give to a painter with a sprayer, a tool I sorely need in my arsenal. Keep up the good work. You'll gitter done......:)

P.S. Love the red touch. I'm a big fan of red. Goes great with your dining room color too!


How pretty! I just recently gave away a few red painted things, but retained a few. My nephew has been painting a cupboard a pretty "country" green for me. I've put it on the glassed in back porch off the kitchen to use for a pantry, as I need more room. I love it, and have gathered together a few red things to include on the shelves too.

Everything is going so well, Barbara. Hang in there!

Margaret @ Eat First

I HEART your new Jadite-colored dining room!
PS: Check your e-mail for an important announcement from me!!

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