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March 29, 2011


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Lordy, Lordy, I love you, girl. You truly are a kindred spirit. I have yet to find what I want when shopping, and once something is in your mind, how can you even LOOK at anything else?

As for DIY projects, don't even talk about them! I remain the klutziest woman alive, as cupboard knobs catch onto my clothing, door jambs rush out to conk my hips, and –– my worst enemy –– appliance cords wrap themselves around my legs in an effort to trip me. (In fact, I believe my vacuum cleaner hates me and is conspiring with the hair dryer to do me in.)

Do you think this has anything to do with the fact we're journalists, who function better in other areas?

In any event, I love your blog and hope you'll continue sharing your escapades. I need a laugh once in awhile. ;-)


My Vintage Mending

That bread box is perfect. I spend hours looking for fabric. Hardly ever find one I like without having to take out a second mortgage. Lovely choices. Smiles..Renee

laurie magpie ethel

Let me tell you I have that same checked fabric in one of my windows (surprise, surprise). I don't think a project like a kitchen ever goes smoothly...hopefully those drawer pulls will be your one and only glitch!


I'm assuming you went to JoAnn's. Try Hobby Lobby over in Clay. They sell more interior decorator fabrics than Joann's.

freckled hen

I just spent a good 20 minutes writing a lengthy comment full of complaints. It was really funny with jokes about late arriving contractors and how you have to resort to hooking. But then my father's voice came into my head telling me that my sarcasm is going to get me in trouble someday. So I erased it.
The bread box is lovely, I think it aptly represents an era when people had pride and respect for themselves and for their footprint in life. That's how I think of you, if you are going to do something You are going to do it right.


I can SO relate to this post. I just hate shopping in the "new" stores because they either don't have what I want or they are charging more than I think it is worth. Give me a good vintage sale any day!!


You know what really appealed to me about the method in that book? How many times a day do you come across those ugly latch hook kits in the thrift store? They should give those things away, but now I'm on the prowl for those so I can use the latch hook material to make something fabulous, not ugly. Advice to the wise: don't buy one that even been partially hooked. I found out the hard way it's a major pain in the ass to cut out all that stuff.

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