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March 30, 2011


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Just a guess, he looks a little like the vintage military uniforms.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Based on his hat, he looks like military.....

laurie magpie ethel

I had lunch with Amy (Into Vintage) and Lisa (A Thing for Roses) today and we had that very conversation about the lack of good stuff at thrifts! Where is it all? We miss the good old days!
Good call on the "Little Pal" bucket - that graphic is charming!

My Vintage Mending

I hear you on the loot getting lighter. Sometimes it just looks like the loots getting younger and cheaper too. More 70s and 80s plastic and particle board. Just a shame. You used to be able to go into Salvation Army and bring out a truck load. Now your lucky if you find one thing. Lovely tins and that cookie cutter is just too cute. Smiles...Renee


Could the cookie cutter possibly be the offspring of the Stay Puff Man's sister and Jessie James?

Beautiful glasses.

I love the colours you've choose for your dining...in coinky-dinkys of all coinky-dinkys, i too have been leaning toward reds and whites in my dining room this year. We painted it almost like your green there last year...except in the gray days of Seattle, it looks a little more like Clay-Mud Face Mask Green. :)

Happy Redecorating!!


Barbara~ Your right the fact that a lot of us are cutting back... I mean really me passing on those lovely nut cups, now thats will power.. I have to keep telling myself things will get better with this economy and yes the gas prices are not helping a bit. Here regular unleaded is $4.00 a gallon, ouch... I really think about my traveling habits. Thank you so much for your input I am leaning a lot from all my Blog friends. I sure do love the bait bucket is perfect, something about red it always is a favorite with me. oxox, Diane


That gingerbread man belongs to a set which also included an Indian, a policeman, and a fireman....The Village Gingerbread People.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You know how that song goes: You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man! Well, anyone catching this one is in for a nasty little surprise. This G-man is packin' some heat!
LOVE the Old Pal bucket! Definitely some pine boughs in the winter, and maybe some flowers this summer!



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