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April 12, 2011


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What a fun block set - I am so happy you were able to get it.


Wow B - as a quilter I am in LOVE with your blocks (and happy they were at a reduced price, LOL). As for your car, do what I did last weekend and by a new one...! J (despite what you may think I still believe you have the best of luck at sales...)

freckled hen

Why did they have to stop making toys like that? They kind of remind me of tangrams.
I'm sorry you are grumpy and your car is broken...I will send out a happy wish for you as the Texas sky is full of stars tonight.


What a great find. Reminds me of quilt patterns. All the fun and you don't have to sew it. I am so enjoying your blog.
The Polka Dot Rose


It really was your lucky day -- more aprons is what I like to see. On the other hand, I am so jealous...I love those blocks!


And now you see WHY it is " America's Best Known Design Set". And are there any OTHER design sets to be had? I can totally empathise with the car thing. The tires on my car look like racing slicks--very smooth (not a good thing unless you are in Nascar) And yet I keep risking my life (and my sister's) by driving this risky ride to estate sale after estate sale and squandering my cash when I should be saving and buying new tires. What is wrong with me? And i don't even have a nut cup to show for it!

Jenny G.

Good luck with the car- I took ours in for brake work yesterday, and it only cost me $35, which was amazing- hopefully you'll have the same luck! The blocks are wonderful- as a quilter, I think I would have broken down and paid full price for them! Nice find!


Very graphic (in a good way)! I bet they are lots of fun!

Mary Ellen

Blocks like these were an important part of Kindergarten when Kindergarten was first invented. people like Frank Lloyd Wright used manipulatives like this in their formative years. I'm thrilled you found a set like this.

Into Vintage

How is it those blocks are so simple and so clever at the same time?

Car repairs are next on the list of things that make grouchy, right after taxes. They're never simple or clever.


Congrats Jenny G. on the $35 brake job. I walked out with a $600 brake job. Then the transmission fell out of my husbands car the next day. I am overwhelmed with car repairs right now. Wish I had a beautiful block set to take my mind off of it.


These are fabulous! I love this. I wish they were mine.


The quilter in me really LOVES these design blocks!!!


Can I come live with you? Or maybe next door? You ALWAYS find such wonderful things!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Those blocks look like good, mindless fun! Just the ticket when you're trying to forget about looming car repair bills, which can really suck the fun out of life. I hope it's a very small fix, and not anything that will keep you away from treasure hunting!

Marilyn Podoll

I am lovin' the apron system. Those blocks are great...I know just how you felt when you went back and they were still there. Your heart skipped a beat (or 2)<3

black eyed susans kitchen

Now that was a fun find!! After all these years of going to sales, the one important thing that I have learned is to expect nothing and be open to what you might find. It is the unexpected that makes this so addictive!

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