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April 10, 2011


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Into Vintage

First - the title of this post gave me a little heart attack. Relieved (although I confess to, in those few seconds, imagining the vintage treasures you might be liquidating) to know you're still selling. And then I threw a small-ish fit as I read about your incredible purchases. The thrifting/antiquing here has been so very mediocre/awful. Glad to know you're having luck in that department.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Very sad to see an antique store close, and they've been dropping like flies around here. I do my best to keep them open, but lately they don't have anything that I'm looking for. Love the loooong neck on that one watering can. And I want to move into that placemat house and tend to those flowers on that frilly windowsill!


Very nice purchases at the antique store, and I think you have a right to be proud of yourself for buying the perfect amount of cute stuff. I especially love the the placemats.

You have really piqued my interest on the earlier sale, and I can't wait to hear what happened when you went back. At first I thought the apron rating probably went up because you found a hidden treasure that nobody noticed the first time around, but then I thought. . . what if the rating actually went down. The suspense is killing me.

Miami cataract surgery

Lol he spring is coming and you buy Christmas ornaments? But sometimes you can't help it and you buy all the things that you don't necessarily need them, this happens to me often. When I get home and unpack I stay wonder what was I thinking when I bought that, what can I say...shopaholic :P

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