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May 20, 2011


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Maria (Magia Mia)

Ooh, love it! Paint By Numbers sell really well. What a goldmine! The boat one is gorgeous, and may do well for Father's day.......


I think you did very well with those paintings!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Those PBNs are so charming! I hope you at least had a nice drive through the countryside on your way to the zero-apron sale. I can't even bring myself to think about all the gas I wasted during our citywide garage sales yesterday.


I love the PBN with the horse and the mountains in the background. Okay, I will just say it, I once lost sleep over two flamingo PBNs I left behind. I don't know what I was thinking. I dashed back to the sale the next morning and gushed over how relieved I was that they were still there after worrying all night. The seller just stood there looking at me like I had lost my mind - LOL!

Jenny Sellars

I hit a five or ten apron sale this morning! Vintage plus size skirt, about 100 hankies in near mint condition and 10 vintage hats! Woohoo!


B - as always hilarious - I LOVE your PBN - especially the boat scene - let me know when you decide to part with one (this I may just sneak in the house LOL). J

laurie magpie ethel

You know that every sale can't have a stellar apron score...there are always those dud sales that make us frown. Glad you encountered nice people tho (and passed on those empty ketchup bottles!)

Into Vintage

Empty ketchup bottles? Don't you just wonder why sometimes? I also wonder how long it'll take before polyester quilts become collectible. I'm hoping for never.


love that the friend squeeled out loud. good purchase i say! i adore paint by numbers!! i went with hub to the antique mall this weekend and saw my first ever pbn jesus!!

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