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May 25, 2011


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Brenda Kula

My goodness, you find more Xmas ornaments than anyone I know! You came home with some great stuff. With all those ornaments you may have to start decorating for Xmas IN July!


What great finds!

I'm so jealous of the sewing items! I think it must be against the law to sell them around here because I never see them at the thrift stores.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh Barbara, I'm speechless......

Ya know, those combs might be a good prospect. If the ornate ones were really old, they might be real tortoise shell, but I can't tell from just looking at them.

Jenny G.

Very nice finds, especially the glass beads. Auctions always intimidate me way too much to bid at. Keep up the good work!

laurie magpie ethel

I would say that is a box of LOVE! The patriotic bell is awesome (unlike you I am thinking of the fourth). Also loving that last box full of the smaller beads...I also am giddy when I find a stash of them too!


Love the glass garland and the combs. I don't know anything about combs, either, but they are stunning!


I am so glad these went to the right home. Enjoy them. They are such a treasure...smiles...Renee

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You must live in an area that's a real hotbed for Christmas ornamentation. I'm beginning to think that no one decorated for Christmas around here in the 40s-50s!

Lisa W.

What Wonderful finds ! Good for you Barbara !

Into Vintage

For pete's sake, I haven't found any vintage Christmas yet this year! I'd be happy with a few Shiny Brites -- I think finding that indent garland would make me delirious.

Beth Leintz

Oh yeah, I love the box lots too- I'm with you on the dental floss- love the graphics but I wouldn't put it anywhere near my mouth


Those hair combs are so beautiful. The big one looks like hand carved tortoise shell or bakelite. The beads on the second one are so pretty, and it's amazing that none are missing. I love it when beautiful items like this are cherished and protected. Great find!


what a lovely haul. i wish we had auctions around here, but feh. im afraid most of our yard sales are over too now that june is here. it must be such fun digging thru your goodies

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