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May 04, 2011


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Brenda Kula

You know what I started doing when I grew weary of watching everything I ate? I have the same thing (cereal and two kinds of fruit) for breakfast every morning because I'm compulsive. Lunch is my "meal" meal. And for supper I have a protein shake. I use protein powder, a banana, some strawberries and blueberries, low-fat milk, some ice cubes and a couple of tbsp. of flax seed. I think that has helped me keep weight off better than most anything else.


I want to be supportive so I won't think about pie either, but if I WAS to think about pie then I think what I would do is make separate pie covers for the different kinds of pie and the background color for each kind would match the color of the stain that the pie would make. Not that I'm thinking about pie.


Well, if you don't want to think about pie, then I won't share the most awesome combination with you that is sprouting in the garden right now - Rhubarb... combined with frozen berries from last summer's garden! Are they included in your diet? They are fruits / veggies... right??


LOL. I'm dieting, too, and TOTALLY not thinking about pie. :) I have used a cover like that one but put it on the other way (with the opening at the top) and it had handles more like a casserole carrier. I used it to take a quiche to a friend's house. Egg pie. :)

My Vintage Mending

Cute fabric. I love how they came up with these things in place of saran wrap. Such a throw away society today. You know it probably wouldn't fit a homemade pie of todays standards, but it would have years ago before we supersized everything. Good luck on you diet. Hope that book helps you figure it out. I vote for chocolate pie myself. Smiles...Renee


Great, now I'm NOT thinking about pie too :)

Just (re)started WW with a girlfriend this morning. It's her first time and I'm a lifer... would like to drop about 5lbs for summer so now is as good a time as any to just do it. One great thing about WW is you CAN have pie... I'm just sayin'...

Good luck! and I Love that fabric too... way too sweet!

Lavender Dreams

How pretty! I love the vintage fabrics, too! I feel the same way about the Portugal roll holder I posted a few days ago. I wouldn't want to stain the cloth putting rolls in it! lol ♥


Barbara "yerrr mean" as my daughter used to say to the bratty dog we used to have when she was a little girl. I want PIE and lately I've been jealous of macaroons on the "foods for Passover" isle. I'm craving all things coconut!

I can't wait for the preposition barrage.

Kim K.

What a delightful piece of fabric and this post totally made my night. So darn clever. I'm craving pecan pie right about now...YUM!

Lisa W.

What a cute pie cover... not very practical.. but really cute ! And yes, diet season is upon us so no more pie for me either. Bummer.

freckled hen

I love that fabric and a pie cover sounds like such a good idea. But you're right it would get stained so easily. Good luck with your diet!


Well Barbara, I am on month 2 of a get rid of the baby tummy diet and now...all I can think about is pie. Luckily we have none, I'm tired and in my jammies so...no pie for me. But, I have a friend who ate a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie every day of her first pregnancy...it's THAT GOOD.

Mitzi Curi

Barbara, you haven't lived until you've had an old-fashioned rhubarb custard pie with a hint of nutmeg! It's one of my favorites! Thanks for getting me thinking about pie....


mmmm....banana cream pie-my favorite! :) I've never seen a pie cover before-thanks for sharing!


I think your cover is for a round covered casserole dish. I have some casserole covers similiar to that. The circle with the drawstring is the top. Just place your dish in the circle and draw it up. Using it foe a covered dish will not mess up your pretty fabric. And pie is my weakness for dieting.

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