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May 28, 2011


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Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your weeding and dodging the raindrops!


Lovely post from start to finish, but that last photo of the baby birdies ... be still my heart. They look like a little chorus. How sweet and amazing that they haven't been found by a predator.
As for the tablecloth, I had a luncheon yesterday and used 2 vintage tablecloths with a huge and heavy pitcher full of hydrangeas in the center. I knew the tablecloths needed ironing, but the thoughts of moving that pitcher kept me from doing the ironing. I'm pleased to say the luncheon went well and this morning the world is still turning.

Linda @ A La Carte

What amazing photos of the little birdies! I am also amazed that they are still OK with a nest on the ground like that! I love the Lily of the Valley's....beautiful.


Spring is just so great! Your flowers are gorgeous (cute tablecloth too, but a little wrinkly), and the bird photos are so cute. Do you think that song sparrow mother is okay mentally -- it seems crazy for a bird to build a nest on the ground.

laurie magpie ethel

That last photo is priceless. I think you have also made progress in blogland by not ironing the tablecloth and then bringing it to our attention THREE times that it was not ironed....high five Barbara!

p.s. good rescue.


Your bird photos are remarkable. Love the vases filled with flowers, too. The flowers are lovely and everything just looks better in jadite!

Into Vintage

What a slippery slope. One day you don't iron a tablecloth and the next thing you know, asparagus passes for a bouquet of flowers. Or maybe that's a jadeite asparagus-keeper?


I have only seen this vase in pink. Have to say it is equally beautiful in jadeite. Sweet birdie doesn't know what a gift you have given it. Enjoy your holiday...smiles...Renee

Lisa W.

Barbara you are not only extremely creative - but very kind as well ! What a Great combo ! Thanks for sharing ( as always. )

Mitzi Curi

I love the blossoms in the jadite vase. I didn't know sparrows made nests on the ground....that's a new one on me! What a great photo of the little peepers!


Your yard sounds wonderful and those birds adorable. Thanks for sharing!


Lovely Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, and asparagus...but the baby birdies take the cake. Sweet delicate things...I hope they thrive.
I never iron my tableclothes, or clothes for that matter!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Glad you've loosened up a little and allowed some unironed tablecloths onto your blog. It takes the pressure off of those of us that do not iron at all! And I love your edible table centerpiece!


Don't tell my boys about the baby birds. LOL. One of my 9 year old twins has been chasing baby chickadees away from the house all week because the chirping is driving him crazy (the girl next door has a bird's nest outside her window with eggs that just hatched). Although, today the windows are closed and the AC is cranked so he can't hear the chickadees.

Anyways, great photos of those baby birds. Love the strawberry tablecloth. Which reminds me ... strawberry season will be here soon! :)


lol i adored the photos of wee birdies. that cardinal was hilarious. hubby and i passed a barn sale on mon. and i picked up a couple platters for my wall. :o)

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