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May 11, 2011


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Brenda Kula

What pretty eggs! I'm not sure I've seen their eggs before. The Cedar Waxwings typically make a run through here in summer, and leave the deck a mess. The little wrens have been chirping and flitting about and making all sorts of racket the past few days.


Your corner of the shed is so pretty!


The trellis' are so pretty! I wish we had a "Swap Shop" here!

Renee Dahl

Oh darn I think you got my enamel pitcher by accident. I left it out in the garden you must have picked it up...just kidding. I am loving these eastern birds. Here in the midwest we don't have waxwings. Those cardinals can be fussy though. Almost as mean as the blue jays. My favorite time of the year too! Smiles...Renee


Lucky you! You get to watch the little nest up close and personal plus got some great scores. I would have brought the trellises and box home myself.

Into Vintage

Trellis revitalization can be very satisfying. I know this because just yesterday I did exactly the same (minus the paint - I like mine chippy) to a white trellis that's been waiting patiently in the back of the garage. Now for some sunshine and warm weather so my teeny, tiny morning glory sprouts can start climbing.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I hope you didn't knock your rear view mirror off when you put those trellises in the car and then shut the door. And then had to buy another mirror, and have it professionally installed, making what was supposed to be free trellises not so free anymore. I hope that didn't happen to you, because let me tell you, that happens to some people!
I did a little makeover on my wheelbarrow, inspired by your little tulip one that you showed once. Was that last year or this year? Anyway, I never forgot how cute it was!


Your day of puttering sounds perfect to me. The town swap shop is a great idea. I wish we had one, but instead we have a very grouchy guy who is the "greeter" at the dump.
Love how you fixed up those trellises and the little nest is so sweet. Hope you'll keep us updated on the happenings in your yard.


Barbara, My dad was cleaning out my grandma's house and brought me a huge old Tom's peanut jar that he found. Unfortunately at some time over the years, my grandma covered the Tom's logo and printing with a couple of ugly water-slide decals that totally scream 1970s. LOL Do you have any experience removing those kind of decals? I'd love to try to get them off so I can see the Tom's writing but I don't want to damage it in the process. Thought maybe you might know!


We love to watch the Cedar Waxwings when they come! They are so beautiful.


nice score on the trellis's (sp) trelli? the cedar waxwing is a pretty bird. we dont get those around here. we have a pair of starlings with a nest right outside our front door!!

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