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May 22, 2011


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Laurie magpieethel

Not sure how Carson could not be as thrilled with your purchases as you are. Can't wait to see what else is in that stack of boxes!

Ps this is the first blog comment I have typed with my new iPad!


Oh my goodness, I love those prints! Sounds like you are off to a great summer!


You found an apron with a hash mark. I love it. What great quilts. The old fabric feedsacks are just so genuine. I have been working with the reproductions and I just adore the prints. What a great haul. Keep up the hard work I am loving it! I do hope one of those will be going to a sweet little dog bed! Smiles...Renee


That was a 10 apron post. Love all the vintage fabric. It makes me want to reach in and grab them from my computer screen!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

For a short time, at least for this week, you are the Quilt Top Queen! I would love to show this post to my sister, who is a quilter, but I fear she would undoubtedly lose consciousness!


WOW! I love the quilt tops and those napkins are super! Can't wait to see about those boxes...

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I find the suspense of your apron rating system much more entertaining than most of what's available on 200+ cable channels. Looks like you got quite the haul!

black eyed susans kitchen

I am sure that Carson was in fact quite pleased...in his own way. I know that I was pleased to see all of this thrifted goodness!!


Oh, oh, oh B your killin me - LOVE those quilts - and puppies, and roller derby girls and - well I can't say enough what a lucky girl you are (and boy I need to find me a friend name Cindy LOL). Hoping she is not charging commission... Thanks Carson for patiently waiting while your Mum took pics to.....(Miss Gwendonline would not have stayed after the first photo)


Too bad Lyons isn't still the peppermint capital of the world. Most peppermint oil and peppermint candy canes now-a-days comes from Mexico. :(

Love the chicken cocktail napkins! Such a nice display with the cookie cutters. And, what great friends Martha and Cindy are for helping you out.


Those quilt tops are really wonderful, but I especially love the old fabrics in the first one. I've always loved those. I like those chicken napkins too!

I yard sale shopped with Beth while in Maryland. I've decided the east coast is much better for yard sales and antique stores. There is so much more old stuff there where you guys are.


What a great story about sitting through the auction and being rewarded by buying the whole stack. Your dog is so cute, he looks like he belongs in a vintage kids book!

Farmer's Dotter....Brenda Weed

I just love the vintage fabrics and quilt tops ( and everything old! ) I think I will have to start blogging about my old fabrics, I do so enjoy your blogs!


loved the story of the peppermint kind and queen. that must have smelled heavenly floating down the canal and getting your first whiff. such wonderful treasures, and so very nice of the other bidder to bow out for you ;o)

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