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May 16, 2011


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Kim K.

What a beautiful picture of your daughter. Those dishes are very charming too.


Pretty girl! Sweet dishes!

Mary Kay Andrews

Pretty is as pretty does! What a sweet tradition to have the whole town come out for prom pix.

laurie magpie ethel

Glad you snuck a picture of the prom girl in! What a sweet tradition for the town to gather by the lake for pictures and pre-prom fun.
I wish I could shop in my basement and discover treasures like that - laundry, pantry and storage and a water heater is about all that keeps me company down there!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Love how you snuck that one photo in--she looks great! That prom gathering sounds like a blast -- much more fun than the actual prom!

LiLi M.

Your daughter is so pretty! I like the dishes too. I wonder if this works for me too. I have some sets of my grandmother in the attic, which I am not particular fond of. They are there since 2003, which may be not long enough. Mmm I guess I just wait for 10-20 years.


Beautiful daughter!

I love the dishes. So cute!


Gorgeous daughter...she will never know. The dishes remind me of the illustration from the old children's books. I love the gradient color and the tone of the figures. Very charming...thanks for sharing...Smiles..Renee


Oh my...you DO live in a "Bedford Falls" town....and here I'm stuck in Pottersville! :(
I'm jealous! Great pic of your beautiful daughter.


Let's see. . .
beautiful daughter
handsome son
beloved husband
adorable farmhouse
charming village
the most wonderful vintage treasures

It sure sounds like an idyllic life, and I'm so happy you share some of it with us!

Mitzi Curi

Your daughter is adorable! I hope you have good luck at the auctions you attend this spring! Go get 'em, Barbara!

freckled hen

Your daughter is so sweet! I hope she had a good time at the prom, and I love the lakeside gathering for pics.
My Gram gave me boxes of stuff 20 years ago which I put into storage in CT when I married my husband. I dream about what is in them, I hope it's yellow farm dishes. I'll find out this summer when we finally unload all our storage stuff.
PS I envy your rain.


Gosh, you guys always do it up right over on the lake. I don't think we have that tradition over here by the river. Although I still have 5 more years to go before any of my boys go to prom. Love your daughter's purple dress!

And, I love your Mom's sweet dishes. I have never seen ones like those before.

Our sump pumps sure have been getting quite a workout this year in CNY.


Your daughter looks lovely and quite happy despite the picture taking...you and I must fall into the same category wrt our families (I need to stop telling them about my thrifting). My latest "family heirloom" was the silver tea service my father received for 30 years of service (right before they gave him the golden handshake). Neither my brother (who had it) or my sister wanted it so guess who they turned to. Unfortunately it just is not as sweet as your dishes and with the company name on it (that did my Pa wrong) its hard to have much enthusiasm for it (may use for garden art, what do you think LOL). J

Into Vintage

Your daughter looks so elegant in her beautiful dress. Sounds like prom was off to a great start.

The vintage housewares shopping in your basement looks very prom-ising as well. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

Beth Leintz

Imagine my surprise to find out you've got a daughter- I think I "know" you from your blog, after all I've seen many rooms in your house, and I know and adore your dog- but a daughter- wow- I think she looks darling- just like Pam on The Office.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Your daughter is adorable! And how cool is that to have the lake tradition? You really DO live in Bedford Falls. Love it......


What a lovely tradition. I love seeing all the excitement that surrounds prom night. Your daughter is very pretty, and oh my, what beautiful wrists she has!

Isn't it funny, how our tastes change with time? I think these dishes would make breakfast feel like a charming event.


love that you snuck the pic of dd in there. lol. my daughter had prom a couple weeks ago too, but they dont have the fun gathering at the park. they actually bussed the kids to the city!! never heard of such silliness. ah well. sweet story about the dishes

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