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May 08, 2011


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Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I loved reading all about this sale -- the anticipation of another apron had me on the edge of my seat! Particularly like the pink canister set and, of course, the enormous amount of ornaments.


Wonderful finds. I have that pink tray - never knew the dustpan or trashcan existed. Swoon.

I have a Bachelor Button pitcher, butno Swanky Swigs to match. Swoon.

And, $2.00 for that box? Double Swoon!

LiLi M.

I am reading your post like another person is watching a football match! Will 'we' get more than 7 aprons? Mmmm it's looking good, but wait wait wait...here come the deductions. Yeaaaahhhh a 10 apron sale! What a great start of the week.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

I am swooning. Swooning with complete and utter and shameful jealousy!
Those boxes of ornaments!!
Also, I have those exact same recipe boxes:)
Hugs, Sonya


That really was an exciting sale. Do you think it was fluke, or could it be a sign that THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST SALE SEASON EVER!

You have to sign list(s)? . . . and wait around a a couple of hours before you can go in? I appreciate even more your patience and persistence in acquiring these wonderful items to share with us.


Yikes, the second ES method sounds horribly complicated! I would be afraid of breaking some sort of unofficial etiquette and being banned forever!

Man O man is the loot worth the hassle though! :)

freckled hen

I was seriously on the edge of my seat! I've realized the only other thing that gives me that adrenaline from going to a good sale is reading about when you go. It's only May, I can't wait to see if you out-do your 10 apron sale!
I'm envious of the swigs alomost as much as I'm envious of your new car...congrats!

My Vintage Mending

Oh man...I want to go with you next time. These are lovely. We might have to fight over the same things. I have those canisters in white. I like the pink better. You have a gift of lucky! Well worth the aprons. Smiles...Renee

Maria (Magia Mia)

Good.God.In.Heaven.........catch me while I faint. That pink and black set! The red Pyrex set! The recipe boxes loaded with recipes! OY!


Wowza!! Love Love the pink housewares. 3:30 AM in the MORNING to sign up for sales?? That explains why I never get the really great stuff - you snooze, you lose.

Mary Kay Andrews

Maybe you need an Academy Awards-type thing for estate sales of this magnitude. Dare I offer--the Essies?

laurie magpie ethel

Glad it was such a high ranking apron sale! I can't believe you got all those ornaments. So funny on those disco balls - I just had a conversation with a customer who wants me to make something similar for her to hang from her dining room chandelier during the holidays (I would fill mine in more and probably have some bell dangles or something). Great finds!


Love the Pyrex set! :)


Note to Kathy - it was 3:30 in the afternoon! (The sale started the next morning at 9.) I've never done 3:30 in the morning - but I've done 5, and it is painful!

Robin Carr

I am so jealous. I don't think they do estate sales that way here in East Tn. Mostly they seem to have auctions. I love the pink canisters and stuff. Really cool finds!


Wonderful finds! I have that Friendship patterned Pyrex set (it belonged to my Grandma) and I LOVE those puts houses!


Holy Crap! The motherload! I love the pink canisters, so cute.


um, i think you were a little stingy giving the pyrex set only one apron! come on, let's add a couple more aprons for pyrex! two more for pyrex! two more for pyrex! :)


wow thats a lot to live up to! nice sale and those pink canisters and their friends are gorgeous!!! worth the sale alone

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