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June 25, 2011


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Mrs. Cozy Home

Amazing haul! Love the "Noel" candle holders!


You absolutely have to keep the snow cap Shiny Brites! They are too beautiful to sell. They were meant to be. :)

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I will never be able to look at a box of vintage Christmas lights again without thinking of you! Glad you remembered your elementary school training.


I would have given it a zillion aprons. I bet you live some place where there are basements and usable attics and great stuff waiting to be found.


The six months til Christmas reminder was NOT NICE! LOL! Other than that great haul!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm with you on the vintage lights. Just read the box: "Each lamp BURNS independently"! And I was really enjoying all the Christmas stuff, until you had to remind me about Christmas being six months away!

margarita betancourt

You crack me up! I'm drooling over your Christmas haul!


It's not that I don't like vintage Christmas stuff -- especially the snow-capped ornaments and those adorable birds -- but when you said "quilt patterns," I don't think I actually read anything after that. Now I am anxiously awaiting the "quilt patterns" you have so casually postponed, as if "quilt patterns" are somehow not in the same category as vintage Christmas ornaments. I willingly admit that I am obsessed.

Have you seen the movie "Marwencol"?

Maria (Magia Mia)

Now I would watch that fuzzy sweater episode! That does sound a bit sadistic doesn't it? :P

Lisa W.

The snow caps are over the top cute ! It seems like it is getting harder and harder to find them in good condition - so you need to keep them all ! I think that you are having an exceptionally good Christmas haul so far this year .


Holy Toledo B I'm inlove with everything - especially the NOEL candle holders - what a great haul for a rainy Friday. I'm with Martha on the QUilt Patterns though - we both will be happy when we return to normal programming (LOL). J


P.S. Please don't forget the Christmas Bears this year - they are still complaining to me about lack of recognition last year - you do after all have 6 months to make up to them...

Brenda Kula

Where on earth do you store all these ornaments??? (Cause I know you don't have a big house...)

black eyed susans kitchen

Woman...you have really found the mother load!! I went back a few posts to see what the rest of that auction haul was. Holy smokes!! So where can I find the cookbooks that you are willing to part with???

one gal's trash

Those snow cap Shiny Brites are just delicious. Once, when my (now 25 year old) nephew was little, my sister asked him to put the N-O-E-L candlesticks on the mantel. When my sister looked up, they were there, but he had spelled out L-E-O-N, which made more sense to him. Needless to say, every year since, they go back up on the mantel as L-E-O-N.


When is your Etsy shop opening...give us all a chance at some of your wonderful finds!

laurie magpie ethel

Deck the halls..you scored on this one!

Into Vintage

I'm weeping onto my computer now. Still not even the tiniest bit of vintage Christmas for sale around here. A full-blown panic attack is coming, I can feel it. :-)

The snow caps are my all time favorites -- had those on the tree when I was a kid. If I found boxes of those at an estate sale, I would have probably hugged some unsuspecting shopper.

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