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June 23, 2011


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Those candle holders would make a nice top for Carmen Miranda, no?

I LOVE the little flowers in the candle holders, I loved them as a child, they just give me the nicest warm fuzzy! I've never found any. Ever. But thanks for letting me see the millinery you find!


Nice score! I would love to see the angels inside that box. I have started collecting those for a little project I have in mind.
I would be tempted to see if I could use that little birdie light as a night light. Sweet!


You will need to give me time to get the drool wiped up for the next chapter...lovely...Renee

Musings from Kim K.

I'm totally in love with your lights. I've been collecting the Asian lantern shaped ones because they remind me of my daughter. You have lots of beautiful eye candy!! That putz house is simply fantastic!!


Great find on a Putz house that has never been used! Those Christmas lights are so cool. I have never seen ones like those before. I'm curious though what was in the other box the man wanted.


Oh my goodness, what fun finds. It is always such a delight to visit here. Not only do you find great things, but your commentary is hilarious.
Those candleholders are interesting. I must say Carmen Miranda is what came to mind when I first saw them.

Mary Ann

So strange, but I have never seen a spun-head at an estate or yard sale. And you get 19?!

Into Vintage

Before I even read your last paragraph about the candleholders I was thinking those are the perfect combination of god-awful yet enchanting. I'll go with enchanting. I'm a little sad we won't ever get to see the entire tablesetting they were a part of.

Still no vintage Christmas to be found in my neck of the woods. I'm not panicking. Yet.

laurie magpie ethel

You know me Barbara, totally digging those wonderful candle holders. Jealous of the box of millinery fruit which I use to make my Carmen Miranda ornies (if you decided to part with it, name your price). Glad that spun head count is climbing...the gal with the purple hat is swell. Enjoyed Act 2...bravo!

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

Once again, so freaking jealous, I could spit. MAN I love Christmas! Anything heading for Etsy??


Barbara, I am going to want to see some of the tragic events these poor, unsuspecting sledders will be a part of this winter!

Curtains In My tree

I like all your finds and just wondering where in the heck are you I mean what state?

I am jealous of all the good sales you find


Brenda Kula

You have a sixth sense about where to find ornaments at these sales!


'Love' is just not sufficient enough a word for the emotions elicited by those fabulous and over the top candle displays :->

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