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June 20, 2011


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I have that "new" Better Homes and Gardens cook book, too, from 1964. My aunt gave it to me for a shower gift, it was only 20 years old then.

Sweet stuff, Barbara! I really like the little chicken.

laurie magpie ethel

I really want to fly out and see all those goodies in person! I can't believe all the unused items with original labels/boxes! AND NOTES...I love it when a woman keeps notes and history on everything...that is the BEST! 11 hours well spent...can't wait to see rest of the bounty! (don't make me wait too long - c'mon, Christmas, crafts and crepe paper....you know that makes my heart sing)


And I can't wait to see the rest of it. How fun. It must have felt like Christmas!!
"From BaBa to Betty"?? Oh my goodness ... how sweet.


I am sorry to report I will not be able to read this blog anymore. The green eyed monster swallowed me whole when I saw that fabric.


What a wonderful selection of things you've been finding. Especially the old fabrics and quilt squares, and the cherry things. Love those sorts of things.

I've often thought about putting notes with things, for the day that I'm gone. This sort of reaffirms that I should do that.



I'm a sucker for vintage housewares and linens. I recently inherited some of my husband's grandmother's stuff (my mil was going to junk it) and I'm so happy it belongs to me know.

Some vintage cookbooks are worth a lot of money. You should donate the ones you don't keep to one of the local libraries for its book sale. Those get snapped up quick there and proceeds go to a good cause.

I can't wait to see the Christmas stuff. :) Doing the happy dance for you!


Um... that should be "belongs to me now." LOL.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

After reading Chapter 1, I can't wait for the rest of the story! Everything you found gives me such a good feeling, and Grandma Z was simply amazing!
Yes, I am indeed keeping the green watering can, because I have the same decal on my flour, sugar and cookie jars. It was one of those "scrape me off the floor" moments when I saw it. And it was only 50 cents....


Oooooh my!
I LOVE it all.
And to hear that there is even more...




The notes are so sweet and kind of sad that no one in the family wanted the things she had taken such great care to document and store. I should go write some notes on my stuff....


More fantastic blog reading. Thanks again for all the sharing. It is almost as good as being there. Beautiful stuff...went to the perfect person...smiles..Renee


I predict those quilt kits and the 1930s fabrics are going to sell for big bucks on ebay -- I don't think I'll be able to compete, but I'll sure give it the old college try.

Oh, and I believe I also predicted that this was going to be the best sale season ever!


The best kind of finding. Happy you. Thanks for sharing.
- Joy

Into Vintage

I've sat through some long-ish auctions but not one lasted anywhere close to 11 hours -- nor turned up so many treasures! Hope they were serving food that day.

PS I would have been one of the linens people. How cute are those little ginham leaves with the cherries?!

Beth Leintz

Oh my stars, 11 hours at an auction- there should be Olympic junking medals for endurance- but obviously it was worth the investment in time.


Wow B - you KNOW what caught my eye - the quilting stuff is marvelous! I love that you have "notes" for everything = how wonderful to have that "provenance " (I was watching Antique Roadshow last night, LOL)...J


I think I may very well go crazy, I am so envious of all this fabulous stuff!!

Lisa W.

I have not had time to do much shopping yet this year ....... so I have to check in often to get my shopping "fix" by looking at all of your great stuff ! What a sale that was !! I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas items too........


the fabrics-drool.........

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