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June 27, 2011


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Lisa W.

I think that you have found some real treasures here. Those pattern books are wonderful . I had not seen any from the 20's or 30's before.... I just love those illustrations !


What a fabulous collection. The Ladies Art 1928 catalog looks to be in mint condition (it's extremely difficult to find an original of this booklet). Lockport Batting Co. published lots of fabulous Anne Orr patterns, and I've always loved those illustrations from Grandma Dexter with the tiny calico print blocks. The McCall patterns are so pretty -- love the graphics and the colors -- and they look like new!

Mitzi Curi

That Grandma Dexter was a wild woman! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing those great old booklets.


Ooh, oh, oh B - these are just Gorgeous! Even Grandma Dexter! What a haul - I love looking through the old patterns "pre rotary cutter" and trying to figure out to update given the tools and techniques we have today...thanks for sharing J

Jenny G.

You always continue to amaze me with what you find. As a quilter, that would be the mother load for me. The felt pattern is also adorable! Thanks for sharing these!


I do hope I can make it through this whole auction posting. I am taken with that felt pattern. I never knew they did patterns for quilts like that either. Learning so much...smiles...Renee

laurie mapgie ethel

That crazy quilt outfit is CRAZY...I could see someone where one these days, but not in the conservative past. It is a huge encyclopedia of info that you found on quilting at that auction...so much info! Like you am partial to the felt crafts. What an auction!

laurie mapgie ethel

That would be wear NOT where.

Beth Leintz

I've never seen quilt patterns or books like that either- I guess I thought quilting was a completely do it yourself project. The pattern for felt creation is just darling- what a lucky fun find!


I'm working with some wool felt right now, so this is a timely post.

I think the 30's is one of my favorite times for crafted things. Their seemed such a charm to things, which is something to think about, given the economy of the time.


My Mom would love those vintage quilt patterns. She is almost 70 and still loves to quilt. Unfortunately, her arthritis has been really bad lately so she hasn't done much quilting.


Oh my gosh. I wonder if you could copy those patterns and sell them at your etsy shop?

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