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June 12, 2011


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You scored again! I love that lemon juicer!


You are right, good karma. Great finds.
- Joy

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I think you did pretty good at those garage sales. Seems like better than a 2-apron morning. Maybe I'm just thinking that cereal display is worth more than one measly apron!


Here people have gotten away from putting prices on garage sale items because groups come in and change the stickers. Sometimes they just steal things. It takes a lot of the aprons out of the situation!


I was getting a little nervous thinking there would be nothing and then I saw all the goodness. I cannot believe how you recovered the aprons. I would like to say you have my same scoring method though. I don't do garage sales because I would rather go to an estate sale and go through an entire house. Lovely post...smiles...Renee

laurie magpie ethel

Wow..this one went back on forth with aprons..negative apron, negative apron, positive, negative...like a ping pong game in aprons! Loving the post cereal shelf...find a spot for it - it is WAY COOL. Love, love the dye packs of course...and what a kind woman to give you the pair.
Looking forward to the mystery barn sale.

Into Vintage

The sales-without-prices are a pet peeve of mine although I don't really know why I care. If how much I might be able to pay for somehing is being determined by the way I look first thing in the morning, I should be getting a lot more stuff for free.


You leave us in suspense?

I can smile for good karma because I also have the metal chicken toy. I believe it is older than I am (so very old.)

You have to keep garage saling and sharing until I get my wheels back and can go myself!


I have a silly toy that looks just like that! LOL!

I like the tiny cookie cutters too, and that wall pocket is pretty.

Oh dear, about that little boy. I know, that can ruin a good time. Children and adults both, need to learn good manners and to give and take, when it comes to such things, I think.

one gal's trash

Nice score on the Sunkist reamer.
I barely even slow down for garage sales anymore. They are usually packed with hideous Christmas stuff and chipped TJ Maxx garbage. look forward to seeing your barn sale bonanza!

freckled hen

Phew, I'm glad you recovered with some cute stuff as nothing starts the weekend off on the wrong foot like a morning of bad sales. I think Jordan and his Grandma were on loan from where I live (for only 10 more days- whoo-hoo!)...


I am once more amazed at the great stuff you manage to find, even at a marginal sale. I had no idea old Easter egg dye envelopes were so adorable, and those tiny cookie cutters are too cute.


The other Joy here. ;) Yes, garage sales aren't too exciting to me anymore either. Around here it's all baby and toddler stuff or Christmas Tree Shop cast-offs. But give me a church rummage sale any day and I'm bound to find at least one good treasure. Plus, the stuff is dirt cheap at church rummage sales.

mary kay andrews

the cereal display would be great screwed to a wall, next to a phone--you know, just in case you still have a LAND LINE. Or in a cottage, placed between a pair of twin beds, the perfect place to park your cellphone, your book, your inhaler. oh wait. that's my cottage we're talking about, my inhaler, my book. never mind.

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