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June 19, 2011


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one gal's trash

I would have so pulled your pony tail over all of this stuff. Especially the wrapping paper and the Vera kerchief. Nice haul!


You found the dream of garage sales. Maybe throw in 2 more aprons, it was that good.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

If that isn't a 9 apron garage sale, I don't know what is. The cherry glasses are worth 2 aprons by themselves. Can't stand the suspense!


Oh my goodness. I love it ALL!

Into Vintage

Your 'somebody really great' seemed so perfect for you. I think we're all a little surprised (and happy nonetheless) that your vintage Prince Charming turned up later the same day. Can't wait to see how that worked out. Meanwhile, I will silently covet those little cherry glasses.


I can't even imagine what is going to top THAT sale!! I am so envious you could keep your composure and score so much great stuff. I went to one today where I got so overwhelmed that I came away with much less that I would have liked. I went into some kind of picking trance where I kept setting one thing down so I could pick up something else and thinking I should go get a basket and before you know what happened you are paying for your little pile and out the door and wondering what just happened.... You did good!!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh Barbara, I feel faint.......

When I saw the frogs and rickrack, that was good enough for me. And now you tease us with a 9 apron auction? Cruel and unusual punishment..........


You had me at the rickrack...and the floral frogs...and the fabric! What a wonderful summer you are having!

Vintage by Crystal

Wow that was quite a sale! Those cherry cups are truly darling and those dapper ties are to die for (I can see my Ben wearing one of those!...perhaps forcefully, lol) Now I can't wait to hear about the auction...especially since I just started going to auctions and realized how fun they were! :)


I was just asking Linda if she had sold her little hangers like that.
I think I NEED some for Sammi. Yes indeed.

black eyed susans kitchen

Nice haul...love the fabrics and as soon as I saw the cherry set, I thought...I bet she keeps that! So now I can't wait to see what Prince Charming brought to the party. Any great aluminum????

Kim G.

I love all of it! You lucky gal!

laurie magpie ethel

waiting with anticipation for extraordinary auction post...waiting....

Sheri Neeley

I believe what you have is a gas can...it looks like the one my dad used.

Musings from Kim K.

You are one lucky lucky lady. Everything is just wonderful but the cherry tray and those glasses are simply divine!!

Mrs. Cozy Home

Oh that cherry snack set ... perfection. I never find anything that good!!


I have been anxiously checking your Etsy and ebay pages hoping to see some of this fabric and rick-rack. . . worrying that they might be going to the dreaded 3,000 mile away antique mall. What kind of crazy sale could possibly top this?

Leona B

We have NOTHING this good in California. I would have to go to 6 months of garage sales to get a haul this great! Lucky, lucky you. I can't wait to see what you got at the auction!


BETTER than the cherry snack set???
I cannot WAIT to see what you found at the Saturday sale!


Well B I am speechless - all that wonderful fabric and garden stuff. I never find anything like that here (boo, hoo)...J

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