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July 13, 2011


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I recently went and cleaned out my blog reader too! I was overwhelmed by the amount of unread posts! I organized by type and even had a folder for "newbies" and "iffies" along with ones like "favorites." I can't tell you how much this has revolutionized my reading! I can actually keep up. And by having newbies and iffies, I can read for a bit and decide if I want to keep reading and then move them to another folder in my reader. Does that make sense? And I am planning a blog redo at the end of the summer. You are not alone!


Wow on the neat quilt kits! I love those old needlework mail in things..I have some from eBay but they are just patterns. It must have been fun for women to look forward to the next newspaper and see what was offered.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I thought you were trying to explain why you would be MIA for awhile, because you were going to be off somewhere doing nothing but making quilts and aprons!
Yes, blogging feels like a big fat dumb chore sometimes! But I need to know exactly what it is that YOU and the hundred other people I follow are doing every day! No, seriously, I'd love to go back to the days when I only read your blog and Magpie Ethel and a couple of others. Maybe then my house would be cleaner.....

Into Vintage

I sure am curious to see what that dogwood quilt would look like all finished. Just sayin.'

Until blogging pays all my bills, buys me a new car and makes me thinner, I feel no obligation other than to enjoy what I can, when I can. I'm random like that.

Brenda Weed

I LOVE all your finds! You and I seem to have the same tastes, except I DO quilt! I would love to take some of those fabrics and patterns off your hands! Do you sell on Ebay or where? Sorry to take up your time reading this! On my blog, only the most recent comments are at the top of my list, as YOU are! It's not quite so hard to keep up with the posts that way.

Brenda Weed

Sorry to bug ya again!
Thought I knew my blog address, but guess I didn't enter it quite right. Grrr.


I don't think I can say much because I am feeling a bit faint at seeing those gorgeous, untouched quilt kits. They really are the best I've ever seen (and the aprons are pretty great as well). You're going to do amazingly well on ebay.


You are a brave woman, clearly not afflicted with FOMS (fear of missing something). I only panic when it hits 500. Even then, I'll purge a few "iffies", but not go whole hog! Kudos to you.


Outstanding finds, Barbara! Those dogwoods!!!


Remarkable finds! I have never seen one either and had no idea. I just always assumed (we know what that means!) that vintage quilting was all about using scraps and repurposing. I thought buying brand new color-coordinated fat quarters was a bi-product of no longer wearing 100% cotton clothes. Thanks for sharing!


I've never used a blog reader, but I do understand that feeling of being overwhelmed by blogging sometimes. A long time ago, I had a little melt down caused in part from feeling the pressure of so many blog expectations, so I made a real effort to keep a lower profile, after that. I think, I hurt some feelings, and that made me feel terrible, and now, I only have a few readers. It is hard to find a balance, I think. Especially if you want to be sincere with everyone, answer emails and all the rest. At some point, it will take over, if you let it.

I love these kits. I bet the dogwood quilt is lovely when it is finished. I don't recall ever seeing that one made up. My stepmom and my grandma once were into kits like that, and they each made a couple. My stepmom has one unfinished one, called Tree of Life. It is quite beautiful, but it makes me sad to think she won't ever finish it now.

You find the absolute best things!



I always love to see what you are doing and what new treasures you have. Yes it is an obligation at times. Yes I've changed the way I read/respond to blogs. I can't keep up with replying to comments. And I know I should. But I just can't. My reader is always fat. Sometimes I flush. It is not possible to sometimes take a breath. I wish I could add new blogs and revamp. I should. Maybe you've given me some punch in the arm to do it.

My Vintage Whimsy

Yeah, my blog reader regularly gets to around 700 and then I have no choice but to mark them all as read. I really need to go through and clean up the list so that I'm only following my favorites. I'm at 724 today and I do think it's time to delete some blogs that I never read!!

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