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July 07, 2011


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Musings from Kim K.

This is seriously the cutest toy set I've ever seen!! What an amazing discovery.


I am with Kim...I would have never dreamed there ever existed such a sweet toy with all that detail...thanks for sharing and keeping me dreaming...smiles...Renee

laurie magpie ethel

HOLY COW. Smitten with that glove and then the teacher and the pupils show up....that set is amazing. Have they even been played with??? This one is worth a whole clothesline of aprons.


Great googley moogley. The cutest thing, EVER. And, I say that with every post you make. But seriously? This truly is the Cutest. thing. ever.

Lisa W.

I have NEVER seen this toy before ..... and it is wonderful !! Good for you Barbara !




Hands down the cutest toy ever!! My favorite thing to play as a kid was "School". Mind if I come over to play? I'll even bring cookies and milk.


Oh my word! You can just go ahead and box that up and send it to me! It is adorable! The teacher reminds me of the Mrs. Beasley doll.


You have discovered and shared so many amazing vintage items in this blog, but this school set may be the sweetest thing I've ever seen. You're right -- toys really were cuter a long time ago.

I'm getting pretty good at working with crepe paper, and now I can't help wondering . . . maybe I could make some little people.


This is so sweet and looks to be in remarkable condition. Great find!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I can't take it. Seriously, I can't. I'm shaking a little bit, because in the world of cute things, this has got to be considered an A+++++++++++++++!

Carol M

I can't believe so many of us have never seen this before. It's too adorable. Love it.

freckled hen

Oh how sad for the children of today who have to rely on teacher Barbie with her chalkboard that is preprinted with faux writing.
Crepe paper people are the loveliest people ever.

Kim G.

This one is fabulous. LOVE IT!

Mitzi Curi

Barbara, you had me at the little globe, but when I saw the schoolmarm and the kids, I was over the moon! What a great find!

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