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July 25, 2011


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Who doesn't love Sunbonnet Sue and Sam? (hmmm. great twin theme... I should start quilts for Christmas)...Great collection. Makes me think that I really need to start finishing all of the UFOs in my basket. You are right about red and white quilts. Such a striking, clean-looking combo.


Oh alright...Keep every-other one then. I must say these are beautiful on the line. I am partial to the first one. That is a design I have not seen before. But as a girl who lives in Kansas....the sunflower is a keeper! Although it would be shriveled up by now in the heat. These are gorgeous I am loving the series...Thanks for sharing..Renee


Keep that "picture" for a five year old bedroom. You may have grandkids one day!

freckled hen

Ohhhhhh, me likes it all. The red and whites are stunning against the backdrop of your beautiful sunny day. Thanks for hanging them up for us, they are bright and cheery!


These blocks are just so great! It would be fun to draft a sampler quilt pattern with the pastel pieced squares -- the bonnet girls and the tulip applique would each make a nice center of a child's quilt -- then maybe the 4 solid red/white pieced blocks into a doll quilt -- ditto for the large red print Drunkard's Path.

Of course, you could make them into lots of other items, or even just frame them, but I always like to keep them as some kind of quilt.

Love your idea for the room designed around the sailboat quilt.

Brenda Kula

Definitely the blue sailboats! (All of the sailboats) I made one Dresden Plate quilt with the paper foundation method. VERY hard quilt to make. Used the cotton batting that is thick. That one is a little different, and so perfect!


Well, now, this is quite odd, but I really thought I'd be the first girl from Kansas!! Yes it does look like a sunflower!

Question for ya..are you a Granny yet? Think you will be someday? You could make some cute quilts for a Grands room with those... just sayin'! Those sailboats! Yah!! Some patriotic stuff! Yah!

Jenny G.

Thanks for sharing these- the sunflower block is just perfect!


I wouldn't just have the sailboat quilt for a child's room-methinks it would be perfect for the guy room at our Summer Rental. You know, just in case you were wondering.


Oh goodness, what a beautiful collection this is! It has truly put a smile on my face to see it. Imagine all those ladies taking the time throughout their busy days to make a bit of loveliness, or whimsy, not knowing if they'd ever finish the quilts themselves, but still, giving it their time. I think they'd be thrilled to see that even left undone, their efforts added up to something that is stunningly beautiful. You could create a book of your squares, Barbara.



I love the drunkard's path and that sunflower! I can't imagine trying to decide which ones to keep!

Mitzi Curi

Wow, what a great selection! I know I wouldn't be able to part with any of them, although I would tell myself that I would sell them eventually....


That's not just a line up, that's a haul.

Curtains in my Tree

Those are so cute. makes me think of some i got a couple weeks ago I will have to show them. I tried giving them to a sister and she didn't want them so thought i would sell them in my yard sale.

They are cute even if you don't live in Kansas LOL

carolyn spencer

The girl with the umbrella, my mother made many, many of these. she called them pioneer girl. and yours looks just like the ones she made. I still have her pattern, and someday I am going to make one . seeing yours has brought back many memories. thanks.


I like a cover made of the pink boat pieces and created on the walls, individual boat pieces in pink and red. Thanks for sharing this nice post with us.

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