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July 24, 2011


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Your garden and your GARDEN are beautiful. Kudos to you for your soil ammending and the yummy results!

Mrs. Cozy Home

Beautiful use of those pots!


I love all your garden pics. Just my stile.
Love the reds and rustic look.

Linda @ A La Carte

Love how the pops of red just make your garden and deck look wonderful. I am keeping my eyes open for a ladder for my deck to put plants on! One of these days I will find one....hhhh

Into Vintage

Pots as flower pots. Genius. I'll be sure to give you credit when I copy this idea.


Vintage everywhere...I love it. Every time little Joe eats a handful of raspberries from our tiny garden I feel like a real farmer. Quick question, one of the guys at work is thinking about proposing and he needs super-romantic simple but memorable ideas for Skaneateles. He's a teacher's aide...still completing his Master's so budget-friendly would be good too. Ideas?


I love the color scheme. Those heirlooms are my favorite. Looks like everything handled the weather great there. All your vintage touches just make that garden perfect...smiles..Renee


I love the pots of flowers on your ladder. Your vintage touches are all inspiring, and your garden is looking so nice. I think a garden, when it does well, brings such a rewarding feeling.

I'm off to explore the link to the book now.

laurie magpie ethel

Good thing you get your garden decor at estate and yard sales - with the price of plants at a nursery, you have more to spend! Good job on your little garden. My tomatoes are still in the flower stage. My basil is the only decent thing at this point in time...maybe I need to be paying more attention to my soil too!

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