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July 21, 2011


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Into Vintage

Absolutely beautiful and yet all I can think is how much are the utility bills and boy, that's a big house to keep clean ... how practical of me. Obviously I'm not acquainted with the ins & outs of living in a mansion. :-) Do they live there all by themselves?


Holy guacamole!! Yesterday i was babbling about having to clean all the bathrooms in a mansion and it just now dawned on me that if you live in a mansion you probably don't have to clean it yourself. Good thing because i would move away I think.
It does look like a wonderful place to visit and sounds like you had a very nice time!

My Vintage Whimsy

Wow. That is stunning!

Kim G.

That's crazy! Gonna go put my blindfold on and sit in my kids blow up pool. (Not quite like the pool pictured above, but blindfolds work miracles).


I didn't know you were related to American Royalty!

I'm reading Gone with the Wind for book club on the 75th anniversary of its publication. Taking care of a property such as that one does not happen without "staff". I'm glad you were able to enjoy the weekend. I hope there are many more!

Lisa W.

What a fabulous place ! Thanks for sharing ! I agree about the pool .... it is perfection !


I thought that home looked familiar. It is quite lovely, isn't it?. Tasteful and simple. I love the gardens and the view, and the setting for dinner is one that I would have had a hard time leaving as well. That's a lovely bouquet. White flowers are some of my very favorites.

The tables dressed in their blue and white cloths with the impatients is equally lovely. More homespun, but truly pretty, too.

It looks like a lovely place to visit.

Renee Dahl

Lovely indeed, but I prefer the quaint character of country folk! Smiles...Renee


Whoa. Do they OWN that house or are they just live-in caretakers? What would one have to do to owna a house like that? I'm imagining it's gotta either be hedge fund manager or two-time powerball winner.


Does 'kinda' make "some" of those places in your little village look like summer cottages ;-) , but still wouldn't mind having one!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Ok, now that I've seen it, I guess I could be happy there. I suppose I could get used to that marble patio and those OK views of the Hudson. Geez, they would have had to physically remove me from the premises in order to get me to leave!


You know, later I wondered if that was where you were at. I've read about it and knew where it was located at. What a historical place! Amaaazing. I'm jealous but happy you showed us the photos. Loved seeing it all.

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