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July 20, 2011


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I'd keep them all! (being the hoarder that I am)

I totally get the muttering and kicking...
just remember--"the many good things with which we have been blessed"...

Sue H.

Amen, sistah! I would keep them all also. I'm a lurker here, but these quilt squares rocked it enough for me to unlurk.

My Vintage Whimsy

As always, I'm jealous of your finds! Now, without further adieu, I shall answer the questions.

1) I want to see more pictures of the mansion so I can live vicariously through them. That looks gigantic!!

2) I'd keep them all. Seriously.

3) I squealed when I saw the boat(s) with the tiny nautical prints.

(I am not a quilter, never will be a quilter but I'd still keep them all. For at least a year or two!)

Mary Ann

I think mansions are over-rated. I'd much rather have a smaller home.

And those nautical squares are adorable.


1. That's a HOUSE? I have to see at least one interior photo.

2. I'd keep the first set of squares (with the pretty green)...and probably the sailor one too.


Several things. One is I go to google reader when I have a spare moment at work just to look. Not to stay and read or browse, just to see whats up. Well, I'm always drawn to you. And it takes me FOREVER to look and love. This post had me entranced. How could you ever choose? Even if you never sew them together these blocks are like a treasure. You can't choose between children, how could you choose between vintage blocks? you can't At least in my opinion.

The house MUST be shown. MUST. I'm from PA and my husband is from NY. My FIL is from that area of the country so you must show me this estate. It looks amazing. At first I thought it was a church or something. I want to see more.


Oh gosh, I love the nautical one, but they are all so pretty. What treasure they are. The thing that is nice about quilt squares, is that they can be framed individually, or made into smaller projects too.

I think that there is inspiration in the big fancy homes and in the smaller, cozy ones, so I think most everyone would be happy to see your relative's home too. I always find such inspiration when you share parts of your home with us Barbara.


I would also keep all of those fabulous quilt blocks, but since you asked, I'll rank my top three:

1. Nautical
2. Pastel 1930s (because they are busy, I would set them with white sashing or a white alternate block)
3. Double pink and shirting

I wish I didn't live so far away, because I'd love to help you turn these blocks into a quilt.

I can hardly believe that building is someone's house. I'll admit that I'd love to see more photos, although I know I'm not going to like it as much as your cozy, adorable farmhouse.

Lisa W.

I am voting - keep the sailboat quilt squares and please show us your husband's cousin's really great looking house !

Jenny G.

I'll admit it- I'm a total slut for house pictures- bring 'em on, please! As for the quilt blocks, I will speak as a quilter when I say that it would be really hard to choose. I'd probably keep two sets, at least. I'd have to go for the pastel 30's 9-patches and the set of squares that came in ones and twos- they would make such a pretty quilt. As always, I'm totally jealous!


Holy sh*t - that's some house! Sorry - don't usually resort to profanity but that's the kind of house you see in Architectural Digest - not a house you actually get to go in. Yes! Pictures please! Even if they will make me feel like I live in a hovel.

Heidi German

That's a house? Holy crap. It looks like a court building or something. Whoa nelly.

That nautical fabric & the squares with which they are made is so FABULOUS that it would make me shriek too.

Cherie Moore

I would keep the pink and white maple leaf blocks and the flower print 9-patches. And the blue boat blocks......oh, my, I don't think I could part with any of them.....


The sailboats are probably worth the most money. For me that would equal keep, for others that would equal sell.

You can decide there.

I would also keep the ones that just cheerful prints. And I agree with martha, they need plain sashing. (And I see she and I made the same choices, hmmmm.)

You should mail at least half of those green leaves directly to me. :-P~~~

You could also do like I do, and put the extras in picture frames, turn them into doll quilts, cover your address book with them, make table runners...pretty much just cover every surface in your house with a few of them stitched together. Yeppers, that's what I do!


Well, I'm a sucker for all things nautical so def. the nautical squares are a keeper. Not sure which ones out of the others I would keep.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think I might have to borrow "this place sucks" from you, because we're tired of saying "stupid old house" all the time! Oh go ahead, show us that house. It looks big, so my first thought will probably be: Who cleans all of that?!?
I would definitely keep the sailboat squares. When are you EVER going to see some like that again? And I'd keep the florals. Oh my goodness, those florals. I think if I had all of this, I would genuinely consider taking up quilting!


Hmmm...unless that said house is chock full of darling vintage goodies like yours, they can keep all their fancy schmancy things. I will take the smaller one any day.

Back to the quilts...why choose? Keep them all! You will end up kick yourself later for not having kept them for a pillow or something else.

Thanks for sharing over and over...I love this miniseries.


I thought it was an art gallery. So how far is Seneca Lake from you? The Geneva end? I LOVE the silboats for you to finish and the 30s pastels are my first love, so I would keep those.


Well, yeah, okay, a mansion with a museum interiour, overlooking the Hudson and Catskills no less, is pretty great, but who needs that when you have those amazing vintage quilt blocks!?!? :)

Nor am i a quilter (still working on that), however we can only vote on one? Really? You have more than one bed in your house, don't you? And a boy in college?!? He may need a quilt to ease his homesickness. And your girl...she'll be flying the coop soon with the same needs, right? :) They are all very snazzy. How you'll choose? I don't envy you. :) How could you say no to those adorable sailors? And the maple leaves...if i was faced with such a burden-- might try a mix of the green and pinks. An homeage to the vintage fabric in the last pictures...i'd have to have one block of each into a quilt to showcase yesteryear's seamstresses.

Wow! Such a task.

Back to your relation's house...isn't that Daddy Worbucks house? (Ri and i just watched Annie yesterday during our elevenses.) Another thing i bet that crumby ol' mansion doesn't have is Carson. Or the Mr. and Mrs. Fox. :) Or Mr. and Mrs. Song Sparrow. Or The Bluebird Family. Or a great tinsel Christmas tree. I bet the junkin' around there is really lousey too. Boo. :)

Maria (Magia Mia)

After an exhausting day of painting, I thank you for giving me a good laugh....."This place sucks?"......Hilarious! And I am obviously a masochist, cuz I say bring on the pictures of that gorgeous house!

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