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August 28, 2011


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A four apron day! Score! I like the green thing a majigs....will you be putting them on etsy?

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Wow. Those are great finds!!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Now those are some spectacular finds! Love the album, and the quilt is lovely.


Quilt alone is score enough. The fabric is amazing. I can see that gorgeous wilendur tablecloth as well. Never disappoint in the eyecandy. Smiles...Renee


All of your finds are amazing, but my eye went right to the quilt. It's gorgeous and I so appreciated the close up details.


Wonderful finds.
Bet you could tea stain the sweet needlepoint picture to tone down the colors a bit.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think I want to live in that little needlepoint farming community, and tend those needlepoint chickens! Love everything you found just down the road!


green things: Maybe hat stands?


To me those green things are paper towel holders. Does one end screw off? Of course, this could just be because I need a paper towel holder and that is what I would be using them for.


I love it all, but the tablecloth and the the toaster cover (doll) spek to me the most. I collect African American Folk Art, but I don't mention it much because some people just don't "get it". Glad you rescued her.


I love the doll, too - and everything else!


LOVE the rose tablecloth! I believe the green things are hat stands. Could possibly be used for wigs too?

birdie blue

that quilt is to-die-for! love the blue.

excellent finds, my friend.


Into Vintage

I was thinking hat stands as well for the green things -- maybe for some very symmetrical hats so the stands don't topple over? You are quite the quilt magnet.

black eyed susans kitchen

You, without a doubt have the best yardsale mojo!!! I love that quilt and I think those things might be paper towel holders???

black eyed susans kitchen

Also...if you decide to sell the quilt, could you let me know??? Thank you....and also thank you for your good thoughts about that nasty hurricane...we were fortunate...others not so much!


Impressed with your wonderful sale day. I would even give it 5 aprons. My favorite is the photo album.

I stopped at a sale in a more affluent community because I wanted a closer look at the house. I never get invitations to that neighborhood and sales there are rare. You know how it goes - either prices are low (just to be rid of it) or the other extreme. Unfortunately this time everything was priced as a priceless treasure.
And from the driveway side there wasn't even a good look at the house!

Lavender Dreams

When are you going to open your ETSY store back up my friend? I would love to know if that gorgeous quilt will be listed! I love all of the pretty fabrics in the post above this one, too! You find the best stuff! ♥


I want to know about your Etsy store, too- please.

Kat Bennett

Oh, that quilt is gorgeous! How did you come across your magical certain something that nets you all of these wonderful things?? Your posts not only leave me totally envious, but make my whole eye-candy day!

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