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August 04, 2011


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Never mind the cuteness of those kid ones (which I never see, btw), but that is MADERIA with a label. Too bad it's not a set of napkins or something. It should still make you money, honey. :-) (So sayeth the linen princess of Missouri. LOL)


B these are ALL lovely but I must say I particularly like the kiddy nose wipers (did they ever really get used for that?)Sorry those are not my initials..... :>


So pretty.
I'ts amazing-all that work put into such mundane items.


I thought AMB stood for "All My Boogers". :D

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Love vintage hankies. Some of them are little works of art. My favorite has to be the red trimmed one with the kitty.



I love hankies. Eveything is so disposable in our world today. It is hard to imagine not having Klenex and can you imagine, when it was first invented, and all those women thinking WOWZA I don't have to wash and iron these things anymore.

Mitzi Curi

You certainly scored big at that auction! I love those appliqué hankies. Isn't it fun to go through all of your goodies?

Lisa W.

You have done VERY well in the hankie department ..... no surprises there ! You've got a good eye for everything. They are all great - esp. the children's .

laurie magpie ethel

hankie envy pure and simple. The roller skating gal is my fav. Even if you did not MEAN to purchase the women's hankies, they are still quite wonderful and there are much, much worse rookie mistakes! Can't believe this auction haul is still going on....

Lavender Dreams

I always try to find children's hankies but I don't see them very often! You have some wonderful finds here! Are you going to open an Etsy shop again? ♥


I know exactly who "AMB" in Congress is you are referring to. LOL. Not a fan of hers for sure. But I am a fan of those hankies. I inherited a bunch (mainly men's hankies) from my husband's late grandmother over the winter. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to wash them without them disintegrating (they were stored in a trunk but have some brown spots on them). They seem so fragile. I think they are from the 40s or 50s.

Into Vintage

So close! If only it were a 'Y' instead of a 'B' ... if you have to accidentally end up with vintage ladies hankies, Madeira ones are certainly a lovely rookie mistake to make.

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