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August 01, 2011


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I love your table - every bit of it! How nice of the dishwasher to give you such a lovely table.

I'm guessing, you being a northerner, that you might not make a simple syrup when you make ice tea. It is fabulous! Especially when using peach ice tea bags! Lately, I've been making a simple syrup lemon-limeade and adding mint. Oh wow. It is so refreshing. It would look so nice in that lily of the valley glass, too!

i love tablecloths, but would really like an oil cloth even better! You chose well, it sets your vintage ware off so nicely!

Wanda Clark

You probably make it like my Grandmother used to make it...she was from Western PA. That brings back memories of summer visits...that is the only time I ever drank iced tea. It makes me want to call my Dad for the recipe. :)

Lavender Dreams

I love iced tea with lots of lemon! And it DOES taste better in a pretty glass! These are all so pretty! ♥


My washing machine is on the fritz - at least you can handwash dishes. I attempted to hand wash a few items and wring them out old school style and it did not work. We had suds for days. Here's hoping we get all our appliances up and running - then we can chose NOT to use them due to the heat, or the need to junk or....well, just about anything.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm sorry, but I just can't sympathize, because I AM the dishwasher. But I'm intrigued by your mysterious iced tea recipe. And wondering how you made only one yard of oilcloth work on that table. That reeeeally pretty table! Is the cloth extra wide? And I hope you're happy, because I'm never ever going to be able to get that glass with the lily of the valley growing in the red flowerpots out of my head. Ever.


My turntable just quit in my microwave :(
I am a northerner so I would love to know how you make iced tea. I don't like lemon or any sugar or sweetener in my tea.
I just love your blog and am waiting for your Etsy shop to open back up or for listings on Ebay. pam

Musings from Kim K.

I'm sorry about your dishwasher. I hope your new appliance comes soon. Your iced tea looks absolutely delicious. So does your vintage tablescape. Gorgeous reds and greens. Yummy.


My gosh, all those pretty things on that table make me smile and that iced tea is making me very thirsty.


I lived down South for almost 13 years and was addicted to sweet tea. Whenever I ask for it up here people say, "What's sweet tea?" Or, the wait staff will say, "Yes, we have iced tea." (which is not the same thing). I will only drink iced tea if it's sweet tea. My Mom just rolls her eyes when I ask for it. So, alas I make my own when I need to. But not often any more because all that sugar = a bigger muffin top. LOL.

Love the Jadeite with the red.

Into Vintage

I too grew up in the South, addicted to Sweet Tea. I loved being asked when at a restaurant, "Sweet or unsweet?"

Not sure how they unsweetened it but it didn't matter. I was all about the sweet tea. And I am *deeply* sorry to hear about your dishwasher. I'm sure it just needs a little more rest and it'll be fine.

laurie magpie ethel

AT least you have found a plus side to the dishwasher demise...a cute table to set and dishes to use. (better than resorting to paper plates!) I may have to look for some of that miracle fabric you bought as that is quite the testimonial.


Well, I am awfully sorry about your dishwasher situation but have to say your attempt to cheer yourself did cheer ME! That table-scape is a delight. I always say the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house.

freckled hen

The wonderfulness of that iced tea glass cancels out all that woe about your dishwasher. All I heard was wah wah wah as that table setting was getting brighter and more lovely with each picture.


LOL! Oh for those miracles! I think I need a couple of those. Or a good handyman.

I love your table. It is so pretty and cheerful. I especially like the drinking glasses, and their holder.

Well, in my southern family folks make iced tea just the way it's called for on the Lipton box. No other kind will do. No sun tea, which always seems to turn out bitter, despite what I always hear others say. You have to do it the old fashioned way, with the boiling water and all.


Thank goodness for the broken dishwasher or else this lovely table setting might not be. And, because of that I now know where to find a great laminated fabric! I attempted to iron on some laminate to fabric and it was bad (dog hair got in between somehow)...I need something like this for my kiddo's chair that I need to reupholster. I haven't visited Heather's site in a long time so I didn't know about the new lam fabs...thanks! :)

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