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August 31, 2011


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Into Vintage

I'm not sure if it's September or December tomorrow since it's 60 degrees here today. In August. :-(

I'm tinkering around with getting back on ebay after a very long absence -- I was thinking I would sell some things but seeing your yo-yos makes me think I might be buying instead.


I do not think anyone expects stores to reopen before the long holiday weekend. The only ones shopping are those without a life offline. Besides, you'll be busy scoping out the new neighbors. What is their taste in furniture? What kinds of car they drive? Are there a lot of kids?
We are the "new' people here, even after 8 years. There is not a lot of socializing, but we wave, say hello, and, as you say, share the bounty. Maybe once a year we meet at a yard sale down the road. I've never even run into anyone of the other closer neighbors at the grocery.

And September is just the beginning of a slower paced time of year. You'll find time to get other things done.


Okay follow me on this....I come over and rifle through the lovely vintage stuff while you do all that lousy household stuff that I love to put off, too. Hmm...September has enough weather to get it all done. We will happily take some of these items off your hands whenever you get ready. Enjoy it. Smiles...Renee


I am SO right there with you - I love the hunt and the washing and organizing and making all fresh and new and HATE the photographing and listing part - ugh! I have a pile just sitting and waiting for me right now. Not only does September start tomorrow but that also means it is time to start listing the Christmas-theme stuff. Where.Did.The.Summer.Go!


Hey, at least your garden was amazing this year even though you were so busy! :)

laurie magpie ethel

Sounds like the 30 days of September is pushing it all back towards the end of the month...a teeny bit of procrastination?

We got new neighbors a year ago. They are perfectly nice, but have lots of things that drive me bananas....dad drives a loud truck (and driveway is below our bedroom window), 5 year old son plays drums in the garage, 18 month old daughter loves to cry when she wakes up at 7:30 a.m EVERYDAY., they pay no attention to the wisteria which if not trimmed will head up my tree...the list goes on. They are very nice tho....and better than the guy before who talked on his cell phone LOUDLY at all hours of the day and night..his driveway was his favorite place to talk. Good luck with those neighbors...I have seen it all here!


Oh Barbara, aren't you dreadful! I've just spent 7 hours yard saling in 106 degrees (giving myself heat stroke I am pretty sure) looking for fabric and then I come here and see those last two photos!

So. On another note, did you take apart the yo yo's for some reason? It looks like they had been sewn at one point.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I told my husband I was going to start selling again on Ebay in August. I told another blogger that I was going to start selling again in September. And all along, my merchandise pile just keeps getting bigger and I keep buying more! I've promised myself that I will start listing on Monday. If I don't, please feel free to call me out on this, because nothing motivates me more than public humiliation!

Kat Bennett

You are so right about 'the month'. Last time I looked, it was May and all the birds were arriving and summer extended before me like a never ending desert and I was sweet-famished. Aug. 31 was clean up after Irene & waiting for power to come back on, and then BOOM! Time to make for Fall. And make, and make, and make. And do. And sell. I'm with you!! Thanks for brightening my morning! I'm not alone.

Mitzi Curi

Barbara, I love yoyos, and your assortment has some wonderful old feedsack fabrics. I get distracted by the same things....

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