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August 14, 2011


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Michele Gailey

thank you for sharing this story and all the pictures. I chuckled and smiled and throughly enjoyed it.


Wow B that is a lot of quackers! Who knows what makes critters do what they do. I once came home to find a flock (or gang, not sure which) of 10-15 turkeys who had settled on my garage and sun room rooftop (where they could peek in the window at our dogs). Why they would do that I have no idea (and was amazed that turkeys could get up there in first place). If nothing else a story to share - most exciting thing that had happened for me in a while....what a sorry life...LOL Jewels

Maria (Magia Mia)

This story really makes me smile. Thank you for sharing. :)

As for why they're hanging out on the road, other than a sacred burial ground or something out of a Stephen King novel, I can't imagine their reasoning......



One of my favorite stupid jokes that I just had to share. Grat photos and a great story too! Quack!

Mitzi Curi

Cute post! We have a problem with geese around here. I saw a truck recently for a service that helps re-locate problem geese. The name of the company was "Goose Busters." Isn't that clever?

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I know they could be a bit of a nuisance but I do think they look awfully darn cute. How strange that they choose to stay in the street. Maybe they just like having their picture taken. I am so glad you shared these photos. I really enjoyed them.


Lavender Dreams

OH MY! That is a LOT of ducks! Maybe they are having a convention to decide where to go this winter! WOW! ♥


The twins would be out of their trees with excitement. If we see a squirrel on the way home, they talk about it the rest of the way...and bunnies...forget it. We went to the Fair last night and HAD to see all of the cows (Joe) and pigs (Rory). Ahhh, the simple life!


Wow! You're living on a regular old wildlife preserve these days. Or, a zoo! LOL. You should put up a sign that says "Duck crossing" just like the deer crossing signs.


I love ducks, but that many would scare me - like I was witnessing a weird Stephen King movie or something.

Your country road makes me miss being up north in the summertime!

Pam Fromuth

Just ducky!

Lisa W.

Wow ... that is unusual. I hope that they move out of the road very soon ... in case someone doesn't slow down. Thanks for sharing.... I really enjoy your nature segments !

laurie magpie ethel

Sounds like they are adding some excitement to life and what a curious thing. I am partial to ducks as I graduated from the University of Oregon and the mascot is a fierce and mighty duck. Being a human duck, I can offer no insight into this odd behavior Quack!


I love this. Ducks forcing folks to just slow down and enjoy the view for a change!

Musings from Kim K.

I'm enjoying all your duck adventures over my morning coffee. Lovely pictures. Let's hope they continue to migrate to safer territories.


Great pictures! Never can tell what critters will do. Ours out here treat us like we're IN the zoo. They're just visiting, seeing what the humans are up to while they munch on their apples. Now that's entertainment! I understand how you feel.

Renee Wheeler

I love what you said about "nothing ever happens here but something's always happening". Sounds like a perfect place to be!

freckled hen

I love the green grass, the hills and the ducks!

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Awww how cute!! Do you think they realize they could just fly over the gate??

Into Vintage

I wonder if they need a ride into town? Did anyone stop and ask?

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