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August 11, 2011


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I am thoroughly jealous! What a beautiful lawn and garden - your hard work has really paid off!

It would be nice to see some morning glories climb up the arbor in between the rudbekia, what did you plant there? I've always had good luck with old zinnia seeds. Zinnias are so forgiving and wonderful! If you order heirloom tomatoes and ever find the type called "Mortgage Lifter" try them!


You deserve to be proud, your garden is beautiful!
My garden has several "rooms" where the design books say I can sit and reflect on the garden but so far i haven't ever done that either - LOL!


Great photos of your gorgeous garden. It must feel really good to not only create this lovely space, but also to provide delicious and healthy food for your family. I'm so impressed.

Brenda Kula

Oh, how lovely a site your garden is! Send some of that rain this way. We need it bad. Next year, I hope I have a little veggie garden to eat from.


I'm so envious of your garden. Great job.
Pesky groundhogs snap off the heads of the zinnias right before they have a chance to open in our back yard.


Beautiful photos! I envy you. We're in a new place and use 5 gal. buckets for plants. Nothing grows in clay and gravel except rocks! Keep up the great work. Yours is the only fav blog on mine. And you've kicked my passion for vintage cotton prints into overdrive! Hubby frowning :( !!!

black eyed susans kitchen

Rudbeckia...that would be me? Your garden is such an inspiration! Looks like those zinnia seeds were just napping because they have bloomed beautifully.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Your garden is looking spectacular Barbara! And I'm right with you in thanking all of the volunteers that show up each year, and in recommending using those old seeds. I've got a ton in the fridge, some 10 years old, and they work just fine. Yes, this was a lovely tour of your garden, although I do feel like you were bragging a bit about not having any weeds.......

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