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August 02, 2011


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Flipping out over the results of your VFH recovery!


Let's hoard together. 'Cause I want to steal that fabric.


Is there truly a cure for VFH - sign me up if there is (LOL). Cool idea on how to "showcase" your lovely piece...J


My grandma always had an apron on her dish soap bottle. I have not been able to find the exact pattern as the one she had, but I have one that looks a lot like yours and I keep it on my dish soap bottle all the time!
What you made is very cute and I think I would have trouble cutting a vintage piece of fabric too!

Laurel :)


Beautiful project! Yes, I understand how hard it is to cut the vintage pieces. I have old linens I call "cutters", only I don't...


Soooo beautiful! I gasped audibly and scared the dog.

Renee Wheeler

Very nice! I have the same problem with some of my fabric. We should all go to therapy together and cut fabric in a support group circle!

Musings from Kim K.

I absolutely love what you did with your vintage fabric. Your miniature apron is just delightful.


Gorgeous choice and wonderfully done from start to finish. Kitchen looks amazing. My name is Renee and I hoard vintage fabric too. Welcome to the club. I know you saved that label.


Ha, ha. Vintage fabric hoarding :->
I couldn't possibly know what you are talking about.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

So cute! The perfect solution.


So stinkin' adorable. And that kitchen? Could you just fix me a piece of cherry pie and pour me some iced tea in one of those swanky swigs in that caddy? And I could sit at your oilcloth-covered table and NOT write this next frickin' book? Pretty please?


So cute! I'm trying to get around to making tiny aprons from a sewing pattern - nothing vintage but retro fabrics.
I can ask what color green you used for your kitchen? I want a green for my kitchen but I can't decide whether I want an apple-y green or jadeite.

Mary @ Redo 101

Hi, I'm out visiting around this morning and came to your blog, which I totally love. Saw lots of lovely red in various posts and wonder if you share at Rednesday at It's a Very Cherry World?

I'll be back to visit you often.


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