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August 26, 2011


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Into Vintage

There are more signs? Because the ones you showed us are pretty darn great. And quirky.

I am about up to my eyeballs in sales packed with nothing but kids clothes. Apparently the children in these parts have enough clothing to wear a different outfit every day of the year.

Jenny G.

Oh, so jealous! I have yet to find the elusive 10 cent juice glass or swanky swig in my area, not for lack of trying. And I would have had to own those real estate signs- too fun! They would be fun to stick in windows to mess with the neighbors, but in the college town I live in, they would be taken seriously, unfortunately....


You are dead right about all of the negatives, but as you see, when you find something good it is usually cheap! I cannot wait for the highway sale next week.


Lovely...can you beat 10 cent swanky swigs? Great day and good story...I give it an extra apron.

laurie magpie ethel

Sounds like a decent morning and glad you finally found the quirky sale. Distaste for baby clothes, tupperware and VHS tapes are why I stay away from these types of sales as well - but every once in awhile you get lucky...MS. TEN CENT SWANKY SWIG!

One Gal's Trash

Thanks for taking me on this little junking journey. The orange juice glasses deserve a couple of aprons on their own. Please show us the maple chairs after they are purified in white paint. Thanks too for the kind words about my new venture...We are so PLUCKY!


Great finds, even with enduring all the toys and baby clothes "drive bys". The minute I see that stuff I just figure they aren't old enough to have anything I want - LOL!


I love the old christmas tree ornaments that you found.


I'm jealous. You seem to find all the good stuff. For once, yesterday, there were yard sales all down the road on the way home, and I have a husband who hates to stop! I was furious. Hardly any baby clothes and toys. Even saw a vintage small Coke cooler! EEeeeee!
You have a knack, lady! Love your blog!!!

freckled hen

I'm surprised you aren't a community yard sale kind of gal, I love going to these as it seems you can sniff out a good sale while others are stumbling through yard after yard plastic junk toys.
Anyhow it looks like you did just fine, I love those chairs!
PS I recently saw your comment on my blog about Mt Monadnock, I live 9 miles from the entrance to the park.

Mitzi Curi

You found some great stuff! When I see a pile of "kidplastic", I keep driving....


I have combed etsy and I cannot find an oodles and oodles shop. I would hate to miss one of your amazing finds. Could you please let me know what your shop is? Amazing and beautiful eye for vintage that you have. Thank you dear...smiles...Renee

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