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September 12, 2011


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Exactly - YES - your research is bang on -

I loved at the great "Skillen Street Sale" the first time - parking was easy, finds were great, not advertised except with cardboard signs on telephone poles.

Year A - parking was non-existant, crowds everywhere, finds were fine. Advertised in papers.

Year B - parking adequate, one or two finds, disappointed. Well advertised.

Year C - lots of left over from last sale stuff in 'private stores', nothing much to find, same old, same old. It is amazing how garage sales morf into stores with store prices. Well advertised.

Year D - even the sellers were tired and very few houses participated.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh the humanity......of being exposed to Hannah Montana merch . Only the allure of baby animals could have the power to de-traumatize you....so glad you had access to that snuggly antidote!


Really, you should go back and get one of those therapy dogs when it is old enough to leave it's mother, just in case there is more Hanna Montana in your future!


The truth and nothing but. Happens every time. There really are no repeats of that wonderful year of "look at all this wonderful stuff I got and oh the prices..." I could be just fine if I never bought another thing with a bar code on it. No puppy shot...minus an apron. Love puppies...smiles...Renee


I wanted to see puppies too!! Loved this post, I read it out loud to my husband. Tooo funny, glad you found a few things to make it worthwhile.


LOL!! Love your scientific approach and your research is quite impressive! :)

(I so love your titles! Brings me right back to my university days only the subject matter is way more interesting!)


As I continued to read your post I kept waiting for you to say you took one of the cute puppies home with you...making it the best sale ever...infinite aprons. Maybe Year D will bring pleasant surprises!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think you missed a really great blog photo op. I think we all would have enjoyed seeing a shot of you crawling into that pen full of pups!

laurie mapgie ethel

Wow there were a bunch of aprons coming and going in this post...and then a total of three...I do agree on the CYS take on them...they are always better in the early years. Not bad tho..I thought we would see a new puppy in your last photo!


You come across the BEST stuff!
What did you do with the womens hankies you didn't intend to buy?

Lisa W.

It has been a couple of days and I am still laughing at the " Hannah Montana Vortex ".... thanks for that !

karla nathan

We have a local neighborhood that has been having an annual sale for about 20 years. I just don't see the point, they seem to have no time to accumulate anything to get rid of. That block must have the cleanest closets in town.

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

No puppy pictures? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!


Aw, geez- the puppies would have had me! There was a CYS here outside of the Cooperstown area and the prices were way too high. And the selection was not interesting at all. Your research is 'right on'. The overall goes down as the years climb up. Love this post!

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