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September 23, 2011


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EEEEEEEEEEE! You couldn't possibly know this, but doll skates are on my ebay watch constantly right now. Forget the tree and send them to MEEEEEEEEEE! :-) (I have become seriously obsessed with vintage doll stuff. It's for the children. Right, for the children. That's my story and I am sticking to it.)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It sounds like it could have gotten really ugly real quick out there on that country lane! And I can think of only one word to describe all of your finds: SWEET!

Mrs. Cozy Home

So cute! I love those little roller skates...

Brenda Kula

I love shadow boxes! I shall have to make one when things get settled down. I hate confrontation too. Sounds like you handled it quite well.


Little things are so cute. I love that little hot water bottle! Thank goodness you didn't get in a fist fight in the hay field...though it would have been really exciting to read about. Hope you have a good weekend!

Kim K.

All your goodies are precious..but I'm totally swooning over your shadow box display. Brilliant.

laurie magpie ethel

Love the shadow box and the mixture of scales in size. Reminds me of my cabinet of curiosities which I love dearly. At least you hit a decent sale today and found some fun stuff - I struck out completely.


Oh, I think those tiny little doll hangers are worth the effort, but I TOTALLY understand what you mean about confrontation. NOT my strong suit, by far. Gald you were able to score some goodies for your trouble!


I hate confrontation as well. I want to go in and come out with out so much as a peep. Why people have to be so loud and mean is unknown to me. I am glad you stopped and took a moment to grab what you did. THese are darling...smiles...Renee


You always find the best stuff!!

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