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September 15, 2011


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Mrs. Cozy Home

Haaaa awesome.


Haven't seen these in years. Haven't seen these used better ever!!! Smiles...Renee

Brenda Kula

I never find anything good at the thrift stores here. Maybe I'll have better luck in Tulsa... My daughter today told me she saw that I'm right around the corner from the best bakery (oh boy, the pounds) and a wonderful antique consignment shop.


You are a goober!

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

LOL At first I was like 'how the heck did she find that sign'! That's fabulous!!


CUTE post!!!

Musings from Kim K.

Squeal! What an awesome find! This is an awesome post. You must be so happy.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

What a fun find!


laurie magpie ethel

Totally a post worth an ear to ear smile you clever gal!


Perfect - love it!!!


Persistence pays off. :)


How cute! Love those letters. Think of something good to write over the weekend for Monday's post. Surprise us.


I have a bunch of those in white, but I have never been clever enough to use them like you! I have the old signboard too, so I beter get to thinkin'!


Those are just too cool. Too cool!

Mitzi Curi

Barbara, you are so clever!

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