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September 05, 2011


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Mitzi Curi

Barbara, I don't relax well either! I'm "all work and no play" most of the time. I guess I enjoy looking at the fruits of my labors, like finished projects, crafts, and home repairs/DIY's. I come from a long line of workaholics, so I suppose I didn't have much choice in the matter!

Mary Kay Andrews

I totally get the work ethic. I was positively gleeful at the prospect of a rainy Labor day, because it meant I could tackle projects without the guilt of not going to the pool on the last day.


Hurray for the realization! There is a lot of satisfaction and reward in work, as much as some people find in taking traditional summer vacations. I think I just am beginning to understand why I was so miserable while on a houseboat for a few days with my brother and his family this summer...


Sounds like a summer full of delicious "fruits" of your labors.
And gratitude is really such a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Into Vintage

As a fellow 'non-relaxer,' I do like the satisfaction that comes with doing things but then again I would occasionally like to sit through a movie without making a list in my head of what I'm going to do once the movie is over. I just consider myself 'productive.'


OMG....this post made me laugh out loud. When I was growing up, the worst thing my parents or grandparents could say about someone is that "they were lazy" or "wouldn't work." LOL..I understand your angst.

That last photo made my heart skip a beat!


Worked all day and had the house open doing it. Remembered how wonderful it was to spend time cleaning up all the things we work so hard for...right after I put my feet up to read the post. So nice to see someone is still canning. My blueberry jam is always a favorite. Smiles...Renee


I never thought about it in exactly those words (I was probably too busy getting things done) but you have described me to a tee. I wish I COULD find a way to relax more but my brain is so trained to think forward on what is the next thing I need to get done that it seems like it is nearly impossible. At least I am not alone!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Great post. It made me smile......

I've always considered myself a relaxer........if you consider painting & DIY projects, gardening, treasure-hunting, online research and selling vintage relaxing.....:)

I think if you enjoy what you do, it's very hard to call it work, even if you work up a sweat. If it fulfills you and rewards you with a sense of accomplishment, it is relaxing.


Golly, I know what you mean, I do not relax well but wish I could as I spend most of my time feeling shattered but I simply can't sit still. I feel I have to achieve something each day and like you, I enjoy it really, it just takes time to come to that realisation. Your kitchen is looking beautiful.


I really enjoyed this post Barbara, and I agree with Maria, that if you are immersed in what you do, there is relaxation in that. Studies have proven, for instance that when we knit or crochet, or hand stitch, that our brain waves change in a way that will lower our blood pressure 10 points or more. I don't think you have to be "still" to relax, but it is important to take time within the things you do, to think your own thoughts, and to let your mind wander, I think.
My dad, who drove 18 wheeled semi trucks after the army, always relaxed most when he was working at chopping wood, clearing his property, gardening, and such things. He'd sit and watch football games, but relaxation for him was always a physical thing. Now that his health has stolen many of those activities from him, he rarely can relax, and has troubles sleeping.

I grew up in a family of mostly blue collar workers, and very hard workers, that were always busy. They for the most part came from a very poor background, and were raised on farms. Working hard, brought them "up" in the world. Our family appreciates unions a lot. I found it ironic that our country still celebrates Labor Day in a way, given the lack of blue collar jobs and the battering of unions that we've seen. Sometimes I wonder how many folks even know why the holiday was created. I don't think we'll ever be as strong a country again, without a strong middle class, built from the hard work of people like your family and mine.

I love your photos.


I was VERY PROUD of the canned salsa that the labors of my Monday yielded!!

lauire magpie ethel

I am one of those people who is in constant motion/project too! (surprised?) I like things planned out. I like lists. I am not very good at impromptu events. That is just how I am hardwired.

Looks like you had a fruitful day in the kitchen - isn't a great sense of satisfaction to sit back and see what you have accomplished? Now put your feet up for a few minutes and be a teeny bit lazy.


I hear ya! My grandpa built his own house (mine now) and his cottage while working full-time as a carpenter. We always say that "grandpa was still fixing his own roof at 84" Now ask the husband how he enjoys having me remind him when he is relaxing on the sofa that "rest is rust". I relax by baking...productive relaxation! Great post. I always have a to-do list!!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

At the end of the summer I usually feel like a failure, because I didn't get every single thing done on the list that I spent all winter making. This is the first summer that I've actually sat and enjoyed my gardens. Maybe it's the new camera, I don't know. But while I'm sitting there, I do tend to get a little distracted by all of the things that I want to do next summer!


One of my most favorite sounds is the canning 'ping.'
I'll 2nd or 3rd what's already been said re: relaxing is how you define it. I find puttering and keeping busy around my house very relaxing. I know that the label of laziness can run very deep.
I'm glad you had a nice Labor Day holiday.


It's extremely hard for me to relax because I am obsessed with making stuff. At the end of each day I reflect on how much I have accomplished, and I am often disappointed. Too bad I don't feel the same way about gardening or housecleaning.

That last photo of your kitchen table with the lovely Hoosier in the background is my new favorite picture from your blog. I just want to sit right down and with some homemade iced tea and a little baked good.


Wow, this post hit home. It's very rare for me, too, to do something other than work- and by that I mean exactly what you wrote about. At this point in my life, I'm very happy with my life, realizing that 'fun' is not me, and becoming rather smug with my cozy kitchen and quilt covered bed, yarn in a huge basket bristling with hooks & needles and a fabulous cup of coffee from freshly ground beans. I identify with your life. Life is good! Thank you for sharing! I mean it.

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