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October 02, 2011


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I love zinnias too. They remind me of my mom's flower garden when I was young


Wonderful collection!
I don't have good luck with Zinnias here. I'm not really sure if it is something about our climate or maybe it's just me. The colors always look kind of faded and disappoint me. Your are so vibrante!

Into Vintage

I do love Fall but I could definitely do without watching my summer flowers fade away.

Seeing your chair makes me want an entire sofa upholstered with crazy quilts.

You're welcome, Anthropologie.

Lavender Dreams

Your crazy quilts are wonderful! And I love these bright beautiful zinnias! I said I was nuts today...not crazy, just nuts! heehee!


I don't see too many crazy quilts here in Kansas. they are mostly feed sack here. I love those deep earthy colors. Must say the zinnas are a favorite pick flower and one I always plant from seed. They are incredibly reliable and true to color. Enjoy your week. Smiles...Renee

birdie blue

crazy for your crazy quilts... really fun.

your zinnia are knock-outs, too.


Musings from Kim K.

What a gorgeous crazy quilt. I also just told my husband that I want lots and lots of zinnias next season. Such gorgeous blooms, Barbara. Thanks for the inspiration.


Bought fencing this year so that I could grow zinnias next year without the wildlife eating the flower heads up, just before blooming.

Tried crazy quilting once and did not have much success. Yours are wonderful to behold.


That's my kind of crazy! I wonder if I could grow zinnias like that? Do you grow them from seed?

Mitzi Curi

Barbara, we are soooo "on the same page"! I just love crazy quilts, and have been enjoying some of my hearty zinnias these last weeks of fall.


Your crazy quilts remind me of one I found in the basement of an old store in Sidney, NY. Lots of velvet and falling apart just like you described. My Mom has 2 crazy quilts she made from fleece pieces with flannel backing. Talk about warm & cozy. One of these days I'll get pictures of them to show you. Thank you for sharing. You home looks beautiful!


The first picture really took my breath away, I love the detail. People used to spend their time so productively, I can hardly muster the energy to sew on a button.
Your zinnias are so perfect- even better than the ones I saw at the county fair.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I finally had some luck with zinnias this year. I don't get alot of sun, but I've found that if I feed them regularly, they will bloom for me. I'll be sad to see them go, but you can only repot them so many times after the squirrels get done burying their nuts, before you bid them a fond adieu!
Love the crazy quilts. It's the only kind that my Grandma ever made, and I've got a few of them that I treasure!

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