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October 15, 2011


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Crazy for cosmos! Beautiful fall bouquet

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

The alyssum is gloriously happy here, now that its cooler! It's about the only thing that still looks good, despite the squirrels' efforts to dig up all of my pots. I hear those silly little rodents bury hundreds of nuts in the Fall, but I bet they remember where less than half of them are, come Spring!

Michele Gailey

The cosmos are beautiful. It's funny, as many times as I've had them in the garden, I've never had a bouquet of just cosmos...they are gorgeous. We have just a few more days before the wet snow comes. I heard today that next weekend we'll get some. I'm not ready for that yet. Michele from Rochester


Wow on the flowers! How DO you do that? I think all the weeds moved to my house. That's all I see here. I'm still hoping to get the time to plant some bulbs, but this weather is horrid. You have two green thumbs, Barbara!


It's not me, trust me, Kat! The one thing I did this year is pay a lot more attention to the soil - lots of compost, composted manure and topsoil - and it really seemed to benefit everything. Those flowers are the reward for my aching back this spring!


Love the flowers and the dog! I have been planting as many daffodil bulbs as my sanity will permit hoping for a sweet reward come spring. Hope you are having a good weekend...


Love the zinnias and cosmos. So pretty!

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

The flowers are so pretty and your puppy is just adorable. I want to kiss his little freckly nose!


Absolutely gorgeous! My cosmos is starting to peter off but the fuschia, impatiens, and geraniums have kept on blooming. Amazing Fall!

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