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October 26, 2011


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Musings from Kim K.

Bring on the red and green! I might be up to my elbows in orange and black decor but I can't wait to get started with Christmas!!

Into Vintage

It seems perfectly reasonable to complain about things when they don't work. As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't mind if there were always sort of little prize waiting for me at the thrift store, no matter how small of a prize it might be. I'd consider it my reward for shopping at some of the frightening establishments I frequent.


The thrift store was good to me today too. maybe our luck is changing????

Maria (Magia Mia)

Ah, the short shelf life of our sense of satisfaction......

Note to self: Must relish in the present.....:)

Cool stuff ya got there!


Note to Self...send directly to Renee in Kansas. As all these things simply make her list for top notch finds. Self-must thrift more often but always with the understanding that nothing is going to be there. Smiles...Renee

laurie magpie ethel

That thrift must have heard your bad mouthing and decided it was fed up with your words and threw some awesome stuff your way....lucky gal!
Was the girth on that world's biggest apron that big?


Oh yes, this is what keeps us going back. We endure the crap because the next visit might be that one where we hit the jackpot!

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Great finds! Looks like patience paid off.



Those pots are magnificent and I have boxes full of indent glass ornaments that were my grandmother's, then my mother's, and now MINE! Yippy! I think I'll need 2 trees- one for the oldies and one for my hand painted glass ornaments. I've GOT to find a thrift store somewhere around here. And I really identify with 'up to my elbows in orange and black'. With me, just add glitter. I'm good to glow!

karla nathan

I've gotten to the point with our thrift, that I almost hope I don't find anything because I rarely do. I find something just often enough to keep me going back again and again. 9 out of 10 times, its awful. I'd like to break the habit, but I just can't quit it.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Yep, all of this would definitely keep me coming back for more. The spun-head girl looks surprised by it all too!


Yay! You posted, and it's funny! You make me want to go make the rounds at the thrift stores...
PS I went to Keene last week, it's really charming. It must be pretty at Christmas which of course made me think of you!


Whoa! You hit the jackpot! I love those little elfin fellows! I found one a couple of weekends ago, they are getting hard to find and cost a mint when you do. That is one huge apron! It would be cool to incorporate it as part of a tree skirt!




Thrifting roulette! The thrifting fairies must have listening to you.

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

Excellent finds!!

Monica Dressler

I love all of your Christmas and your blog.
I wish I was good at blogging :)


I'll bet the zippered oilcloth bag was made to hold dampened ironing.

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