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October 05, 2011


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Lavender Dreams

Very pretty! You definitely need to keep those! Hugs! ♥

Into Vintage

I don't what the word is for it but as soon as another person talks about food I become one of those people at the fair who cluck like chickens when they're hypnotized. Must. Make. Pudding.

I'm also coveting your squash.


Oh dear your description of settling into fall complete with a lovely garden harvest and pudding in those amazing dishes is much better than the electric heater I plugged in the kitchen while yelling at my children to put sweaters on.

laurie magpie ethel

Sounds like a perfect settling in day..
Love the little tray that so perfectly fit one of your bowls..a wise choice to keep that treasure to yourself.
warm chocolate pudding? in my dreams....


Those veggies look amazing. Almost still life perfect. Something about fresh from the garden just makes them taste better. Sharing them makes them sweeter. However, that platter is the hit with the bowl in the center. Never would have seen that. Our loss is your gain...smiles...Renee


Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! You just made me not dread the looming Autumn! I am so happy you are able to share your tomatoes with your co-worker. I have one who's mother covets my home grown tomatoes so much I am told she squeals with delight that I will send her more. How fun is THAT kind of sharing!


Your jadite is beautiful and it perfectly features your home grown goodies. I miss my big garden. The bounty that used to fill the kitchen at harvest time was a sight to behold. You just can't compare it to anything. Your kitchen must look and smell fabulous at this time of year! It can make one feel quite, well, smug.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh Barbara, I wish we were neighbors.....I'd truly revel in a visit at the kitchen table, eating warm chocolate pudding in a Jadite cup, while watching the Autumn nature unfold outside. Perfection. (Autumn's my favorite season.)

Oh the fabulosity of that Jadite serving tray! I do believe anything would look and taste better when served from it.

You are a sweetheart for bringing your colleague garden-fresh veggies. Quite often it's the little things we do that look saintly to those who need it the most. :)

P.S. So I woke up at 5:30am cuz I couldn't sleep, and after reading your post, now I'm hungry. Thanks for that.....

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