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October 10, 2011


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This happens on a daily basis for me. Often followed by my husband remarking "up the dose honey!" He loves me really that is the dr. in him talking....I hate not finding something and that just turns the ocd in overdrive. On another note I am happy to come over and oh and ah over all that lovely fabric. Especially that darling little girl fabric there...I have a load in the wash right now calling me! smiles....Renee


Yes, this is the story of my life, too. Your fabric is so pretty. I love the buttons on the fabric. I'm always envious of people who have neatly pressed and folded shelves of fabric. I try it but it only lasts about a week before it's all humble jumble everywhere.

Musings from Kim K.

I'm equally guilty. It's a good thing my craft room has a door right now. It's a complete disaster with Halloween supplies. I'm completely smitten with your little girl fabric. She's just precious.

Into Vintage

This is one of the most reassuring posts I've ever read. I'm going to print it out and frame it so I can refer to it on my next "Where is it?" binge. Coincidentally, I experienced one of these situations just yesterday -- what started out as a simple desktop organization quickly devolved into a full-on glitter project.

Glad I'm not alone out here.


With all this beautiful weather, there are times when I feel almost guilty about staying in the studio working, whether it's organizing or working. Seriously, I gave up on the organizing. It's fun to go hunting and then get sidetracked because you didn't remember having that item and 'oh,I know what I can use that for' and off on the tangent you fly. Meanwhile, second summer is raising an eyebrow and none-to-gently tapping a foot as we get lost on our journey...


I think the fabric is perfectly happy snuggled up in that basket until you are ready to sort. I find sorting kind of theraputic. One of these days it will seem like the perfect way to spend a wintery afternoon!


I sorted all my vintage fabrics into colours on Saturday, simply marvellous. Well, I mean I got my nine year old to do it for me! That's my best tip.


I would love to experience a fabric incident like that! :)


All I can say is "been there, done that" - think I'm due another one pretty soon (LOL)...J

Lavender Dreams

What fun! And I think I have ALL of your elves now! I sent my sister a gift last week and included one of the little elves that I got from you in her box! That was her favorite thing! Hugs! ♥

Mitzi Curi

What a lovely collection of fabric you have, and those little squares of fabric with vintage buttons are adorable!

Beth Leintz

This is pretty much the only way things ever get organized at my house, too. At least you had a pretty project and the Steelers to keep you company.

And if you ever find some of those elves that work the overnight shift- let me know- I have some chores for them, too.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Every time I want to change out the tablecloth on our dining room table, it seems that I have to pull everything out first, and then restack it all. I'm always fumbling for just the right one. And there's alot of encroachment of other things in that stack too. I think I just need to find myself a big sack, and get rid of some. But thankfully, I usually intercept that thought. Ok, that was reeeally stupid, but my Packers are 5-0! Did your Steelers win?

Account Deleted

Oh boy, I think this is a task that is on going, for so many of us! I could put a crew of those elves to work too!

It sure is a wonderful stash that you have Barbara.


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