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October 12, 2011


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I'm feeling inspired to go this week myself! Doubt I'll find a lovely apron, though!

Jori Jeppson

Great finds!!

Musings from Kim K.

I covet your Lustro Ware canisters. One can never have enough aprons. Nicely done.


You want to borrow my rose colored glasses next time you go in? I put them on every time I pop in my Thrifts. Crazy what people a. leave behind b. pick up and c. leave the house in! Confirmation tonight...will be thinking of you as I don my Happy apron and pull muffins out of the oven...Ha!


that's the thing about thrift stores...it's a love/hate relationship.

Beautiful score yesterday--lucky lady!

Into Vintage

You just never know ... I think that's the thrill of it. Good thing your swanky swig is half full when it comes to that terrible shop.

And your sanity is intact.

laurie magpie ethel

I hate the thrift and Goodwill. Seldom, seldom go anymore as I never get lucky. Glad you broke that trend...did you fill the canisters with jingle bells?????


LOL! And this, my friend, is why we endure the $1.99 price tag on the item with the Dollar Tree label on the bottom. Great finds!

Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Those canisters are gorgeous! Love how they look against your green walls and with the jadeite. You've almost convinced me to head to my less-than-stellar thrift shop…

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I guess you will keep going there. Great finds. I love those gingham aprons too. Especially with stitching and rick rack.



...just keep your eyes open - if you see any VERA, let me know ~ that way 'I' don't have to go in there so often!!


Oh my, you did great! Those canisters are so nice. Love them. The apron is cute!

Unlike most everyone in Blogland, I don't go to thrift store very often. I never find anything worth buying. Maybe I better rethink that and go anyhow!


That's the thing, just when you know that you are right about somewhere, something else pops up to prove you wrong. By the looks of things, that really isn't too bad.
Great finds as usual Barbara! You find the things that the rest of us keep going to the thrift store hoping to find.


Or, even worse at thrift stores is the parent/grandparent of the year screaming at his/her kid that he/she is going to get a spanking because a) that child is screaming also b) that child won't stay seated in the nasty shopping cart or c) that child is running all around the store. LOL. Happens every time, no matter what neighborhood thrift store I go to.

Mitzi Curi

I couldn't agree more about thrift stores! They are highly overrated. Until you find something good, that is....

Margaret @ Eat First

I LOVE those canisters. Growing kind of tired of my vintage chrome canisters... love that they hold 5-pound sacks of flour and sugar but don't like the maintenance they require. What a great find!! Think I've seen them in yellow. Or am I thinking of something else? XO

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